‘If it is to be – it is up to me’

When you’re in business, it’s hard to stay accountable to yourself and it’s sometimes¬†difficult to see opportunity, time savings, cost savings etc that is staring you in the face. Peter’s coaching provides re-enforcement for the simple things that we all know we should be doing, but that we seem to fall behind with in the face of day to day¬†distractions. It provides a platform to discuss ideas, plans, goals, and even the little things that you hate doing. The accountability, and the emphasis on self-assessment are amoung the best things i’ve taken away from Peter’s coaching. There is a way through every business problem and Peter’s goal is to give you the tools to get there. The group environment keeps conversation and ideas flowing, helps re-enforce and even debate the validity of ideas and provides the confidence you need to go ahead on an idea (or to ditch a flawed plan you originally had), with true conviction. It also shown there are others in your ‘boat’, albiet in other industries. The group brainstorms together so all can advance. Anyone in business who is looking for support, a second opinion and personal and professional development I think would benefit from Peter’s groups

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