Are you a business owner that’s struggling to generate leads for your business?

Would you like to be able to generate more leads than you can handle without spending on cent on marketing or advertising?

At The Time Retriever, what we’ve been endeavouring to do is provide affordable coaching for start-up and small business, and a part of that, we have just recently launched The Time Retriever Academy.com. Now this Academy is an incredible online program where you will learn how to market your business, right from the start, the very basics of the fundamentals right through to becoming a very professional marketer of your business.

This Academy is tied in with our coaching, where we work with you on either a monthly, fortnightly or weekly basis, whatever you choose, and we help determine exactly what you want to do with your business, where you want to go and then work with you on a regular basis, to target specific actions and then to achieve those actions and therefore achieve your goals in your business. And the e-learning marketing program ties right in with that, as you learn how to create the right message that will make your target market actually look at your marketing and ring you.

In this program, you are going to learn how to out-think, out-market and out-sell your completion.

So if struggling, if you are struggling to generate the leads in your business, then go to The Time Retriever Academy.com website, there is a button on the bottom of this newsletter that you can click on, visit the site, listen to the videos, you can access a series of free videos that over a period of seven days you will get 4 videos that will provide you with training you on some key things to start doing in your business. And out of those videos you should start to generate leads fairly quickly.

At the end of those videos you can choose whether or not you actually want to come and talk to us or just join the program and get involved with the academy on its own, or come and see us about doing some coaching as well.

So, if you would like to learn how to out-think, out-market and out-sell your competition and dominate your market, then don’t wait, click on the button now and start to find out, their free videos and they will teach you how to generate more leads quickly. You will get results out of them if you apply it.

So visit the website now, just click on the button below, and start generating new leads as soon as you can.

Bye for now.