Over many years, I have seen small business owners out there frustrated because they can’t get enough leads and sales for their business. They are stressed, going to all sorts of seminars and events, looking for that piece of magic to make their business explode, but never implement what they learned.

They are looking for the quick answers, and don’t understand that the magic doesn’t happen, until they implement what they have learnt.


If this, is you, how long have you been doing this? 1, 2, 3 or more years?

How much money and time has been wasted doing this?

What they fail to notice, is that people who are having high levels of success in their business, go to fewer events and are too busy planning and implementing what they learn, making the magic happen.

Where would you be, if after you attended your first quality business training event, you actually took the time to plan and implement what you learned?

People that are successful in their business do what they have to do to get their time management under control, create their plans to grow their business and stay on track actioning their plan.

Today there are so many distractions out there, new apps, a multitude of experts in every field possible, new websites offering more and more ways of doing things. It doesn’t matter which way you look, there is always something new.

You need to pick out the one you believe will work for you, learn, plan, and implement what you learn and decide to block out everything else you see and commit to stick with it for at least 6 months.

Whilst you are working your plan, you will always be feeling that you are missing out on something great, but you will never be successful if you keep changing every time you see a new bright shiny thing in front of you.

Here’s what I recommend to my clients;

  1. Only attend two major events each year, at least 6 months apart. (gives time to plan and implement what you have learned)
  2. Go to 2 or 3 minor events in between. (mainly for inspiration and the 1 percenters)
  3. After attending an event, set the next day aside for reviewing what you learnt, and planning how you are going to implement what you learnt.
  4. Stop telling yourself you don’t have the time to stop and plan. Make the time. From what I have seen over the decades, Successful People Don’t Have Time And Then Plan, They Have Time Because They Plan.
  5. Review all of the material from the event, create your plan for implementing what you learned.
  6. Action your plan.
  7. Tweak, refine and adjust your plan.
  8. Stick to your plan for at least six months or more.(Not the normal 2 weeks that we see most people work their plan before they see the next new shiny idea and change to it in an adhoc manner.)
  9. Enjoy the success of your plan.

The Covid 19 pandemic has made this even more difficult, through everyone being uncertain on what is going to happen and how to market and sell to their marketplace. Steel yourself for the long run. Give your plan a chance to actually work. The only way you can do this is to block out all the new shinny bright things and stay focused on what you are doing.

Whilst the business environment changes around you, the fundamentals have not changed.

Do what successful busines owners do, Learn, Plan, Implement, Tweak, Stick with the plan for 6 months at least.

Stop chasing all of the new bright shinny things!

Have a great week,

Peter Johnson – The Time Retriever  –  www.timeretrievers.com.au

Peter is an experienced business coach who has been working with over 158 businesses and childcare centres, and thousands of people in his workshops and speaking engagements.

He found that another of the big issues for business owners, is the lack of knowledge and skill on how to employ high quality team members .

He has helped business owners create successful businesses, through first developing their time management skills and then using these skills, plus many others, to grow and develop the critical areas of their businesses.

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