Do you find that you are struggling to get control of your time management and do those really important things you need to get done each and every day? You know, those activities that you find yourself saying bugger, I didn’t get the time to get that done and I really need to get it done to grow my business.

There is so much to do when you have a business, irrespective of what size it is. There are so many hats to wear that you have to work out which one you really should be wearing at any one time. Combine this with constant interruptions and distractions, and with the habit of putting things off to later on, (procrastination) and it can become a big struggle to achieve what you want to achieve.

You can attend a time management workshop, but it will only be useful if it covers all of the key steps in getting control of your time (see previous articles) and provides an ongoing knowledge and skill development program over 12 months. If it doesn’t, forget about it as you will be wasting more time.

What I recommend for people that at the early stages of getting control of your time, is to set aside a 90 minute period on a specific day of each week, where you allocate uninterrupted time to work on just one item that you are struggling to get done in your current day to day life. i.e. Every Wednesday morning 8.00am to 9.30am, every week. Of course you will need to determine which day is the best day to do this.

You will notice that it is at 8.00am, the time you set needs to be the first thing in your day. Until you have the necessary skills to really get control of your day, if you plan for a time later in the day, you will struggle to make it happen.

Let everyone know you are not to be interrupted during this time, closed down emails, phones, etc to allow you to focus. If you cannot stop the interruptions in your place of business, find a location where you can work on this item uninterrupted. A local library, coffee shop etc. This is something I always did when I was taking up a new role in an organisation. It enabled me to plan and work on my plan, whilst I worked on the process of reducing the interruptions in my day.

In this time, you can now start working on those things that you never get time to do. You might be able to complete them in one session, or it might take a few sessions. The time it takes depends totally on the size of the task.

After a few weeks of doing this, you might find that you can either extend this time to 2 or even 3 hours, or add another 90 minute period to each week.

When I talk about doing this, I have many people say that that is not possible to do in my business or industry. My answer is always, when was the last time you tried it? Their answer is generally never. I can guarantee it will work if you are prepared to put in the time to do it. You have to have a go and start changing your bad habits.

As a coach, I have been working with people for over 9 years helping them to develop their time management and business skills. I know that you can do it, if you are prepared to change, it just takes time and effort. I have seen many people make these changes and reap the rewards.To find out more about getting control of your day, visit www.timeretrievers.com.au and obtain a free copy of The Time Retriever PDF, where you will learn how to get control of your day.

Have a great week,

Peter Johnson
The Time Retriever