Time Management Intensive

Are you fed-up with loosing hours in your day because of poor time management skills?

Discover how you can get back those lost hours in your day and have the time to get those important things done?

Time Management is one of the leading frustrations of business owners worldwide, there are so many things that need to be done to keep your business up and running and yet there are a never ending series of constant interruptions, distractions and new ideas that keep popping up every day, that you feel like you just can’t keep up with it all and still succeed.

When you add constant procrastination to the mix, you know, continually avoiding and putting things off to later today and then to another day. These are the things that are important, are difficult, you don’t like doing, may take too long, each time you put them off, you are continually destroying your success.

The Time Retriever Time Management Intensive will create a dramatic improvement in your ability to control how you use your time everyday ensuring that those activities that are important to the success of your business and life are carried out on time.

Imagine what you could achieve over the next 12 months if you could only sit down and stay focused on your daily plan without constant distractions and interruptions diverting you off course every day. Where would you be now? What would your business look like?

Do it nowThe Time Retriever Time Management Intensive is delivered in a live face to face workshop. that will cover all facets of learning how to manage your time better. Using our tried and proven techniques, strategies, templates and process, you will end up with a quarterly action plan, ready for you to implement immediately.

You will then be ready for the second phase of the Time Management Program, the 12 monthly group accountability coaching sessions.

Real Coach working with you, keeping you accountable.
Why do we say “Real Coach”? It is about accountability, this is not a program where you simply watch the videos or listen to an audio recording, work through a workbook and are left to your own discipline of getting the program completed properly. The workshop is live with a live coach presenting the material and interacting with you.

After all, isn’t that what you are looking for, someone to help you and keep you accountable so you can really learn how to improve you time management skills!

Our aim is not just to teach how to manage your time, but to complete a Quarterly Action Plan of activities that you will carry out each week aimed at achieving the goals your have set.

All participants who complete The Time Retriever Time Management Intensive will be able to attend our Quarterly Planning Sessions, where you will review your past quarters achievements and set your goals and action plans for the next quarter.

Participants who complete The Time Retriever Time Management Intensive will also be eligible to join one of our Time Management Accountability Coaching Groups.

In The Time Retriever Time Management Intensive you will;

  1. Set Your “Why”
    It is very important to understand why you are doing what you do. Working with our coaching clients, we regularly find ourselves reflecting on why we are taking specific actions in their business.
  2. Create your “Vision”
    Most people have a picture of what they are trying to achieve in their head. We show you how to get this on paper giving you clarity and understanding of what you want to achieve.
    When asked what is the most important thing you need if you want to be successful, Arnold Schwarzenegger answered, “you have to have a vision, with a vision you can set your goals and you have something to look at and aspire to when the going gets tough”.
  3. What Do You Want To Achieve?
    From your vision you can now determine what the goals are to achieve your vision. The goals may be for a specific project or you whole lifetime achievements, what we will be looking for is a minimum set of goals for your business for the next 12 months using the “SMARTER” principles.
  4. Set Your Time Frames
    Now you have determined your goals, you will set the time frame for when you intend to achieve them.
  5. The next 12 months
    You will now list your goals for the next 12 months.
  6. 3 Key Goals
    It is very difficult to try and focus on achieving a long list of goals, so you will now select the 3 top goals for the next 12 months.
  7. What will it take to achieve these 3 Key Goals?
    You will now spend you time to break these key goals down into smaller steps and determine what activities you will need to complete to achieve these goals.
  8. The next Quarter (13 weeks)
    Once you have broken your goals down into smaller steps and determine what activities you will do to achieve them, you will select each of the goals, steps and activities that need to be completed over the next quarter (13 weeks).
  9. A Quarterly Action Plan
    Now you will create your Quarterly Plan, this is where you will create a one page plan where you will see your quarterly and monthly goals and plan week by week the activities you will complete to achieve your goals.
  10. Weekly Planning
    Next you will learn how to plan your week ahead, using your quarterly plan, diary and knowledge of events that will happen over that week.
  11. Daily Planning
    You now have a clear vision of what you intend to achieve, a set of goals to achieve and a quarterly plan of activities that you will complete aimed at achieving your vision. You will now learn how to set your daily plan so can ensure that you complete the most important tasks you need to complete to ensure success in your overall plan, business and life.
  12. Stop Procrastination
    Procrastination is one of the two biggest killers of time management. In our program you will learn why you procrastinate and how to reduce procrastination on a day to day basis.
  13. Eliminate Distraction and Interruptions
    Distractions and interruptions are the second killer of time management. Learning how to identify what distracts you the most and creating a plan of action on how to eliminate each distraction, will gain hours back in your day.

The Time Retriever Time Management Intensive is the first step for business owners of any size business, who are looking to get control of their time.