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The Time Retriever Ultimate Productivity Coaching Program will create a dramatic improvement in your ability to create results in your business. Imagine what you could achieve over the next 12 months when you have the ability to focus on doing the important things that you have planned, targeting and achieving specific goals in your business by applying proven strategies that you can implement within minutes of learning them.

Living a life of your dreams is possible, irrespective of what results you have achieved so far, or what your skill level or expertise is.


Are you sick of saying;

“There’s not enough Hours in the day”

I Put off Doing To Many Things”

“My day is full of Distractions and Interruptions

“I Just Can’t Get Enough Customers

“If You Want Something Done, You Have To Do It Yourself

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The Ultimate Productivity Coaching Program

The Ultimate Productivity Coaching program is made up of 2 parts.

Part 1, is the Online Ultimate Time Management Program, where you will start to develop the skills of taking back control of your day and starting to get things done. The skills you will develop in part 1, are designed to enable you to have the time to work on your business and will speed up the results from the skills developed in part 2.

Part 2, are the 1 to 1 or group coaching sessions (depending on the coaching program you have chosen) that start immediately on joining the program. In these sessions, you will receive the support you may need whilst working through Part 1 of the program and at the same time you will also start working on the skills development in 8 key areas of business.

The Time Retrievers Ultimate Productivity Coaching program, is a Coaching program with a difference, unlike other time management programs, you don’t just attend a one or two day workshop and then get left to your own devices to make the big changes that are needed to get you on track to success.

The Time Retriever program provides you with 12 months of ongoing productivity coaching, aimed at helping you to develop your time management, business and leadership skills and change your habits and patterns to ensure you are able to get those important things done, that will ensure you grow your business. 


“Successful people don’t have time and then plan, they have time because they plan”

Part 1: The 3 Part Online Ultimate Time Management Program

This is a self paced online training program consisting of 3 courses that will assist you in starting to take back control of your day. Whilst you work through these courses, you will also be having 1 to 1 or group coaching sessions (depending on which program you choose), where you will be supported in developing your new skills and starting to develop your overall business skills.

1. Setting your Goals & Creating your Action Plan
The only way to get control of your time, is to start with a plan. In our program, you will work with our methods and templates, enabling you to set your goals for the next 3 months and create an action plan aimed at achieving them. This action plan focuses on the next 3 months and determines what actions you will take on a weekly basis. You will then use our weekly and daily planning methods to plan when these actions will be carried out and using the Time Retrievers techniques, you will learn how to open up time in your day to work on these activities.

2. Time Management
The coaching has a heavy focus on time management. After years of experience in coaching business owners and seeing that the main area they struggle to achieve their goals, is in actually getting the time to do focused work on the things that they have determined are important to moving their business forward.

In this section, you will learn how to;

a. Plan your week before it starts, ensuring you are in control of what is happening.

b. Plan your day to ensure you make the most effective use of every minute of that day. Whether for business or personal purposes.

3. Stop Procrastination
Procrastination is one of the three biggest killers of time management. In our program, you will learn why you procrastinate and how to reduce procrastination on a day to day basis.

4. Eliminate Distractions
Distractions are the second killer of time management. Learning how to identify what distracts you the most and creating a methodology on how you work with your distractions, will gain hours back in your day.

5. Eliminate Interruptions
Interruptions are the third killer of time management. Learning how to identify who are the problem interrupters and eliminating their interruptions, again will gain back hours in your day.

The Time Retriever Has Developed Programs For Business Owners and Childcare Centre Owners, Directors & Managers

Part 2: Productivity Coaching Sessions

Time Management & Business Accountability Sessions

Whilst working on the online Ultimate Time Management Program, you will also be attending your coaching sessions (depending on the program your choose), where your coach will help you stay focused on implementing your new time management and business skills and hold you accountable for doing what you say you are going to do.

It is impossible to learn all of the new skills required and to change your time management habits in one workshop. These sessions are designed to help you install the new skills, habits and patterns required to change from your current time management skills to the new skills that will take you forward.

At the same time, we will also be working with you on your business building skills. As your new time management skills take effect, you will have more time to be able to work on the following areas of your business.

1. Time Management Skill Development
Throughout the program, you will be constantly developing your Time Management Skills through workshop segments and role plays. You will also constantly receive time management hints and tips.

2. Marketing
Now you have more time, we can now start to take you through the process of developing your marketing based on your clients wants and needs, creating the specific message and material to be use in various marketing avenues.

3. Sales
It is important not to waste your marketing dollar, so we need to ensure your sales skills are always increasing to ensure you maximise every lead you get.

4. Recruiting Quality People
The only way you can gain back more time in your day, is to ensure you recruit quality people as your business grows. We will coach you on some key processes and steps in recruiting to ensure you get the best people.

5. Leadership Skill Development
How you lead your team is critical to your businesses success. We will help you develop some very critical leadership skills that will enable you to run your team effectively.

6. Creating a Sustainable Business
Systems, processes and automation are the corner stones to business success and your ability to make the business run with you spending less time in the business. We will help you build the skills in the ongoing process.

7. Business Productivity Tools
We will help you identify and implement business tools and apps, aimed at simplifying and automating your business.

8. General Business Support
The program also provides general day to day business support, to help you create a business that can run without you.

Throughout the coaching program, you will receive educational materials, books, videos or audio material which will enable you to continually develop your business knowledge and motivation.

There are always more skills you need to learn and develop, so at the end of the 12-month coaching program, you will have the option of continuing your membership, enabling you to continue building your knowledge and skills, and creating greater success in your business and your life.

Peter Johnson - The Time Retriever

Peter has been coaching business owners and childcare centre owners, directors and managers for our 13 years. In this time, he has coached over 158 businesses and worked with thousands of people through hs coaching, workshops and speaking engagement.

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Peter Johnson is an integral part of my team. I initially enrolled in one of Peter’s group coaching sessions and found the group coaching environment extremely helpful in growing my business and taking it to the next level. 

Being able to share my ideas for growth and get feedback from Peter and the rest of my group saw my business grow extremely quickly in a short period of time. I was so impressed with my results from the group sessions that I decided to just go for it and be coached one on one. 

I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without Peter as my business coach. To anyone thinking of signing up for group coaching I say just do it. Kylie Short

Owner, Magnify Up

“I have been working with Peter for over 5 years, he has helped me immensely at a time that my business has grown and my role in the organization has significantly evolved. Peter’s guidance and support has allowed for my evolution from a hands on centre director, to be able to encourage the growth and development of my management team to take on those responsibilities. This has significantly reduced the amount of time I need to be working in the business and allowed more time for me to pursue other areas of interest and to spend time with my young family. Peter continues to help me drive improvement and efficiencies with my management team which has a positive impact on them and the operation of the services. I can’t thank Peter enough for his impact on both me personally and my business Paul Mondo

Owner, Bimbi Day Care ELC

Being part of the Time Retrievers Group Coaching program, with Peter Johnson, is like having an accountability and advisory board plus a supportive group of fellow Entrepreneurs each month all in the one package. It helps my business and myself to stay focused and on track with our goals which for me, as I get easily distracted and consumed by other day to day things in business, is a God-send. Best of all it’s a face to face session each month with a small group of like-minded business owners where we all have time for interaction, insightful discussions and encouragement.

As a small business owner it can be very lonely and stressful at times but being part of the Time Retrievers Group Coaching program ensures that we are able to stay on track to reach our business goals. Kon Iatrou

Photographer, IKon Images

When you’re in business, it’s hard to stay accountable to yourself and it’s sometimes difficult to see opportunity, time savings, cost savings etc that is staring you in the face. Peter’s coaching provides re-enforcement for the simple things that we all know we should be doing, but that we seem to fall behind with in the face of day to day distractions. It provides a platform to discuss ideas, plans, goals, and even the little things that you hate doing.

The accountability, and the emphasis on self-assessment are amoung the best things i’ve taken away from Peter’s coaching. There is a way through every business problem and Peter’s goal is to give you the tools to get there.

The group environment keeps conversation and ideas flowing, helps re-enforce and even debate the validity of ideas and provides the confidence you need to go ahead on an idea (or to ditch a flawed plan you originally had), with true conviction. It also shown there are others in your ‘boat’, albiet in other industries. The group brainstorms together so all can advance.

Anyone in business who is looking for support, a second opinion and personal and professional development I think would benefit from Peter’s groups David Brennan

Owner, Computer Talk

I found the group coaching was a way to talk to other small business owners who may have been going through the same things as myself. As well as Peter being a great coach and leading us through the coaching session. It’s also very isolated when being a work from home Mum, so to have other people who knew what I was feeling was encouraging and they also helped as well. Some had suggestions on what they had done, what had worked for them and things that hadn’t.

I think group coaching is a great way for small businesses to get involved in business coaching. It can be a more affordable way but can also be more beneficial as you have the network of other small businesses there too. Barb Scott

Business Owner, Admin Angles


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