The Time Retriever Book

Would you like to learn how get twice as much done every day so you can have more time to do the things you love?

Time-Retriever-3DAre you frustrated with doing what everyone says, planning your day, creating and prioritising your To Do List, but find you can never get it done because you put things off, or are constantly distracted and interrupted during your day?

These are the same things I experienced and had to develop new skills in to get control of my day. In this book “The Time Retriever”, I explain why this happens and provide you with a clear and precise program of how to Get Control Of Your Day, enabling you to get all of those important activities done, that will result in you starting to make your dreams come true.

In this program you will learn:

  1. How to set your SMARTER goals
  2. How to create an ACTION Plan for success
  3. How to implement your plan on a weekly and daily basis
  4. How to STOP Procrastinating
  5. How to control those constant Interruptions and distractions in your day
  6. How to get your message across to someone the first time, so they don’t keep wasting your time

How To Get Your Days Under Control.

The Time Retriever – Book

All Templates Shown in The Book, Will Be Automatically Sent To You By Email When You Purchase The Paperback Version of Book. If You Purchase The Kindle Version Of The Book, Please Send Us An Email, And We Will Email The Templates To You.

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“How To Get Twice As Much Done In Your Day”

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