The Time Retriever



Would you love to be able to get twice as much done every day and have the time and money to enjoy the other things in life?

Was the purpose of having a business about controlling your own time, generating the income to enable you to create the lifestyle you wanted to enjoy?


That’s the reason most people go into business, to have control of their life and be able to create something that provides the income and enjoyment that would enable them to build a great lifestyle for their family.

When I started coaching business owners, the thing that shocked me was, that over 95% of the owners I spoke to and worked with, did not have the skills that would enable them to be in control of their day and their business and were struggling to grow their businesses.

They generally knew what they had to do, but couldn’t find the time to get it done. They were always putting off things that take some time to do, or may be difficult, or they simply didn’t like doing. They would be constantly battling with distractions and interruptions in their day, that just soaked up all of their time.

These were issues I had in my early years of running businesses and managing teams of employees from 3 to over 200. I found I struggled to get the things done and over time developed some specific and very key skills that enable me to get back control in my day and start to get on top of things.

When I noticed the same problems with business owners I was meeting and coaching, I decided to develop a unique business management coaching program that enable business owners to get control of their day and start growing their businesses 3, 4, 5 times and even greater.

I wrote The Time Retriever book to enable my clients to get an understanding of the process I was going to take them through in my coaching program and have now published it into a tool that any business owner or person looking to create success in their lives could use.

It’s not about managing your time, it is about getting control of your day!

In this book “The Time Retriever”, I will take you through an easy to follow, step by step process on how to determine exactly what you want to achieve and help you create a very clear plan of action that you will follow, on how to achieve it.

Unlike other time management books and programs, it doesn’t stop there. The whole planning system is only 10% of the process for getting things done.

On the days when you have a clear plan of what you intend to do for that day, do you ever notice that when you arrive at work, everything else happens! You start to put things off, you are constantly distracted and the interruptions in your day just never stop.

You see, the other 90% of the process of getting things done, is being able to control procrastination, and to start reducing the distractions and interruptions in your day.

Getting control of your day requires skills to be developed in each of these areas, “The Time Retriever” book has been written specifically to help you learn how to plan, stop procrastination, understand and reduce what distracts you in your day and to learn how to reduce interruptions in your day.

I have taken what I learned over 35 years of managing teams from 2 to over 200 people and coaching over 140 businesses and working with thousands of people in the past 11 years, to develop a coaching program to help you “Get Control of Your Day”.

From this book, you’ll discover;

  1. Why you finish your days Frustrated with what didn’t get done
  2. How to develop a very clear Action Plan for your business and life
  3. How to be in Full Control of your weeks and your day
  4. The way to get Twice as much done every day and have time to do other things that you love
  5. How to Grow your business 3, 4, 5, times and even greater
  6. What it’s like to start Achieving more of your personal and family goals

Achieving what you want to achieve no matter how big or small is totally possible, all you need to do is take action immediately.

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