Time Management For Childcare Owners & Directors

What Will You Do With The Extra Time In Your Day?

Let’s Get Some Time Back

Is This You?

Constantly being distracted and interrupted all day long?

Having 15 minutetasks take all day to do, and at times, still not get done?

Putting important things off because they will take too long to do, or they are difficult, or you just don’t like doing them?

Choosing to do the easier things first, so you will have time to do the other important things later in the day, only to find it’s the end of the day and they are still not done?

It’s 5.30pm, you’ve been flat out all day, your tired and worn out, your To Do List has very little completedand you can barely remember what you have done all day!

It’s Time To Take Back Control Of Your Day!

This course, Part 1 of this comprehensive program, is the first step in getting back control of your day. You will learn how to create action plans for growing and developing your centre the way you want it to be and then, setting up your weeks and your days, with workable plans, so you can get what you plan to do done and have time left over to do the things you love to do.

Please note, parts 2 and 3 of this online Time Management Coaching program are currently in development, and you will be notified, as soon as they are released.

We have sent our team members to time management courses in the past and they weren’t really relevant. This workshop is totally relevant to the educators and gives them practical things to implement immediately. Very engaging and entertaining. 


Fairfield Nursery School


Part 1

Introduction to The Ultimate Time Management Program For Childcare Owners & Directors Part 1.

The Time Retriever Digital Download

Unit 1 – Planning

  • Introduction To Planning


Module 1 – Your “WHY”

  • Introduction to Your “WHY”
  • Downloadable Document – Your “WHY”
  • Lesson – Your “WHY”

Module 2 – Your “VISION”

  • Your “VISION”
  • Downloadable Document – “Create Your Vision”
  • Lesson – Your “VISION”

Module 3 – GOALS

  • Goals
  • Lesson – Goals
  • Lesson – Goal Setting Principles
  • Downloadable Documents – “Setting Your Goals”
  • Lesson – Setting Your Goals

Module 4 – 12 Month Goals

  • 12 Month Goals
  • Downloadable documents – “Your 12 Months Goals”
  • Lesson – Next 12 Months Goals

Module 5 – Quarterly Plan

  • Quarterly Planning
  • Downloadable Document – “Quarterly Planner”
  • Lesson – Creating Your Quarterly Plan

Unit 1 – Planning Summary

  • Planning Summary

Unit 2 – Time Management

Module 1 – Weekly Planning

  • Weekly Planning
  • Lesson – Weekly Planning
  • Lesson 2 – Default Weekly Plan
  • Lesson 3 – Master “To Do List”
  • Lesson 4 – Diary Systems
  • Downloadable Documents – “Weekly Planning”
  • Lesson 5 – Planning Your Week

Module 2 – Daily Planning

  • Daily Planning
  • Downloadable Document – “Daily To Do List”
  • Lesson 1 – Planning Your Day

Unit 2 – Time Management Summary

Ultimate Time Management Program For Childcare Owners & Directors Part 1 – Course Summary

Thank you for your fantastic presentation on Saturday, I think everyone got a lot out of it.  There has been two people on Programming time this morning and they are very motivated and were very organised, I even saw the hand come up by one. 


Everton Park Childcare Centre

Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson

Your Instructor

Peter Johnson is a Business & Personal Productivity coach, who has coached thousands of people on how to get their day under control and get more done and still have time left over for their family, holidays and friends.

As he grew up, Peter always had good time management skills. In his early days working as an office equipment technician he was always able to plan and execute his days successfully. Even when he started supervising up to 17 members in his team, he was able to keep control of his days.

However, when Peter took on the role of Papua New Guinea Service Manager for Remington, he found his days went out of control. He was now managing over 100 team members, plus the interaction with other head office staff and found his door was a constantly revolving door and could not get things done.

He did a time management course, but found it was only teaching him the skills he already had. He realised there were obviously many more skills he needed to develop to get his days back under control.

From that day onwards, Whilst taking on new roles at Remington and then other companies in various states and cities in Australia and managing teams from 10 to over 200 members, Peter continued the development of his time management and business skills, developing various systems and methodologies for keeping his day under control and get things done, passing this knowledge onto the people around him.

Around 13 years ago, Peter started operating as a business coach, providing knowledge, skills and support to a wide range of business owners and their teams. during the early days of coaching, Peter noticed that just about every business owner he worked with had the same problem, they could not get their day under control and do the important things to grow their business. They were being constantly distracted and interrupted in their day and putting key activities off to another day. Most of the time, “another day” did not arrive

This prompted Peter to look back over the years and identify what skills he had developed that were critical to getting your day under control, so you could focus on actually doing the important things that needed to be done, to grow your business. What he found was, that there are four key areas that you need to gain knowledge and develop skills in, if you intended to get back control in your day.

He called these four areas, the 4 Inescapable Components of Getting Your Day Under Control.

These four areas are;

1. Planning

2. Time Management

3. Self-Discipline

4. People Management/Leadership Skills

Without specific knowledge and skills in each of these areas, it is almost impossible for a business owner or manager to get control of their day and be able to get those important things done and still have enough time left over, to enjoy their family, friends and leisure activities.

As a business and personal productivity coach, Peter now provides coaching programs aimed at helping business owners develop the skills in the “4 Inescapable Components of Getting Your Day Under Control”. Through his coaching program, he has been able to help many business owners, go from working long hours 7 days a week and at times in poor health, to being fit and healthy and working 3, 4 or five days a week, in normal working hours.

Peter has written the book “The Time Retriever” which along with a step by step planning process, also provides readers awareness of many of the key skills required to get your day under control.

Peter is also a very highly engaging motivational speaker, providing his audiences with some key strategies that they can implement immediately and start to see changes in their life.


Creating A Vision

Goal Setting


Quarterly Action Plans

Weekly Planning

Daily Planning

Thanks again it was really good, I think it opened up my staffs minds a bit. I have a Directors meeting today I am going to recommend you to everyone.


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The Time Retriever

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A step by step guide on how to set your goals and how to achieve them and how to start reducing procrastination, Distractions and interruptions in your day.



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