It is impossible to develop any business without the cooperation and motivation of its employees… after all they represent the heart and soul of every business. This means that the most essential system in any business with more than one team member is a human resources system that must include the maintenance of teamwork interaction coupled to an incentives program that goes beyond simple economic remuneration.

When we talk about motivation as a productivity and development tool in any business, we are talking about all of the factors, small and large, that provide any employee with the capability to focus their efforts on contributing towards the success of the business. The main trigger for the positive ambition and self-esteem that is a product of motivation is the adequate presence of incentives. Consequently, it is very important that business owners should be aware of the value of implementing and keeping a real and significant “Incentive and Motivation Program” that generates successful team dynamics at all levels. The absence of this program ignores the role that employees play in the growth and development of the business and limits its future potential. Even if every business has an owner and/or shareholders trying to reach success, it is only thanks to motivated employees with well planned objectives that the task of growing the business becomes easy and transforms any organization into a winning team.

Only the business owners can decide the success or failure of their companies through the cooperation of their employees guided by the owner’s own leadership. Consequently, motivation, ambition, and teamwork integration, among others things, are indispensable elements in reaching the goals and solving the challenges of every business.

Henry Ford based his business philosophy on valuing and encouraging his personnel. This philosophy ensured his company was a leader of American industry during the depression years not only by keeping his personnel from dismissal, but also by offering them additional incentives. This is a classic example of results by leadership.  In more recent times one of the best examples of ‘success through employee focus’ comes from the Virgin Group headed by Richard Branson.  In this case the ‘X’ factor is the focus on the employee motivation and well-being, which is then reflected in their level of service to their customers.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful”.   ….Albert Schweitzer

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