Starting a business or buying an existing business is the start of a long journey. This journey will take you in many directions, some good, and some bad. It might work out, or it could end up in disaster, how you react to the result will determine your long term future success.

The biggest blockage to your success is YOU!!!

The corner stone’s to success are Vision, Goals, Action Plan, Faith, Belief and Persistence. Other traits of success are self motivation, single mindedness, stubbornness, ignoring others who say you can’t do it. However, these traits are also the ones that will lead to your downfall. These traits lead us to believe we have to do it ourselves and don’t enlist the help of other people who can teach and show us how to do things better.

I have found that although I have a lot of knowledge and experience in business and keep myself constantly learning about myself, other people, and business, I always find I get my best results when I get other people to help me. I have learned that I have to break the “I Know It and can Do it Myself” thought patterns.

At Time Retrievers, we don’t see ourselves as the ultimate guru’s of business, from experience with our clients, we know we have the background experience and knowledge, the programs, the processes and an incredible desire to help you the small business owner succeed in your business.

We have put together a FREE 2 hr workshop called “Road Map to Business Success” this workshop is designed to take you through the key steps to having a successful small business. We also look at the detours that will take you off track and how you get yourself back on track.

Most business owners started their business because they are good at what they do, however once they start running their business they find there are a lot of things they have to do that they weren’t aware of, or find it harder to do than they originally thought. Things like consistently getting new customers or employing good quality people. It’s not surprising they would have trouble in these areas, as there are specialised skills required and they had never done it before (and one of the issues is that they don’t want to be seen as unskilled in these areas). These are some of the areas covered in the FREE “Road Map to Business Success” workshop.

During, or after the workshop, you will have the opportunity to talk with us directly about issues in your business and hopefully have some information to go back to your business and work with immediately.

Join us at our next session, to find out when and where they are on; see our “Road Map to Business” Workshop page.

To book or find out more about this workshop or other Time Retrievers services, contact us on Ph: 1300 794 401    email: success@timeretrievers.com.au