Great question….why should they? Why should my prospect buy from me as opposed to any other business that provides the same or similar services/products that I do? That is a question that we in business must be asking continually. Whether you sell to a large number of customers each day or only make a sale every six months. If you can answer that question and then fashion your business around that you’ll have a winner. If you can’t answer that question then you’re doomed to trade strictly on price for evermore.

To help you, here are some thoughts. What is different about you? If there is nothing different about you, people will buy from you because of convenience, or price, nothing more. Added to that, you’ll never be able to raise your prices; if there’s anyone doing it cheaper, people will buy from them.

What is special about you? Once you have worked it out then let everyone know about it, make a big deal about it. Now remember, don’t just say price or quality – these are empty terms. Anyone can say that! It has to be special and specific.

Creating uniqueness about yourself or your business is powerful. Simply by doing something different you can create lots of attention. If there is nothing unique about yourself, start changing or adding things to what you already do. The owner of Dominos Pizza took it from going broke to a force worldwide by creating that difference. He created uniqueness in the form of an eight word phrase, “Fresh hot pizza delivered to you in 30 minutes guaranteed.” Spend some time now to think about your business. It is well worth the investment of time.

If you want a really powerful point of difference think about the major frustrations that clients have when they deal with your Industry…. If you can overcome that, tell everyone that you can and deliver on it and you will own that market.

Have a great week,