Do you go to networking events? Why?  Do you go to sell your product or service to everyone there?

Everyone else is also there trying to sell their product or service to everyone. My Strategy for networking events is;

  1. I got to meet people.
  2. I am not trying to sell my product or service to everyone and push my cards at them and bore them with my story.
  3. I am looking to meet 2 or 3 new people to find out about them.
  4. I spend my time asking them questions about themselves, their business etc. (one key factor is, I am genuinely interested in finding out about them, I enjoy it)
  5. I look to start building a relationship with them, that when I follow-up a day or 2 later, there is a greater chance that they will want to make an appointment with me.
  6. At this appointment, I am still finding out more about them and looking to see if there is the possibility of future business with them.

The more interest you show in other people, the more interest they will show in you.

Not all people you meet will lead to business with you, some end up as friends because the relationship grew into a mutual one. A lot of my friends have come through this process.

Don’t go to networking events to sell, go to meet a few people that you can build a long term relationship with.

Have great week,