How are you going at generating the leads for your business?

Are you generating more leads than you can handle? And therefore getting the revenue that you are targeting for your business?

That part of the process has always been, we’re taught to look at what the demographics are of our clients, their age, where they come from, what their incomes are, all those sort of items.

But the very next step that most people don’t know, and don’t do, is understanding the psychographics of your client, or your prospective client.

What are they thinking? What are their wants? What are their needs? If you can have a clear understanding of what the thoughts are in their head when it comes to the product or service you sell, and why they would be looking for it in the first place, you can then convey to them a message in your marketing that one, very clearly attracts them to it, and then shows them that you have the solution. Then you’ve got a significantly greater chance to attract them to your phone or to come a see you and ask you to tell them more about what it is you provide.

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