Do You find that your brain is constantly switched on to your business?
When things aren’t going well, you are constantly thinking about what you can do to make it better.
Even when businesses are going well, many owners still find themselves constantly thinking about things in their business.


What I notice about most business owners (not all) who are having good success in their business, is that they have one or two hobbies that they are involved with on a regular basis. What I mean by regular is that they are involved in their hobby at least twice a week.

When you have a hobby, you are excited about spending time on it and when you do, you stop thinking about your business, the hobby keeps you focused on it. Just think about when you are doing something you love doing, that is not your business. Do you notice that whilst you are involved in your hobby, you don’t think about your business at all, you are too engrossed in what you are doing!

We call this, sharpening the saw, because whilst you are happily involved in your hobby, your brain and your body takes a break from the thoughts and stresses of the business, enabling you to relax and refresh yourself. When you come back to work, your mind is fresher and you feel better and will perform better, both physically and mentally.

I know that there are business owners whose business is there hobby, but they also need a break away from the business grind to refresh themselves, by having another hobby as well.

Hobbies can be anything, they are simply something that you really enjoy doing, that will take you away from the business for a few hours. Things like, sports, exercising, model planes, dancing, refurbishing old cars, service clubs like Rotary and Lions clubs, volunteering in the community, there are so many things you can do.

If you don’t already have one or two hobbies that you are involved in, look around for something that you love to do, or would like to have a go at and start spending at least 2 hours, twice a week on this hobby.

Once you start your new or old hobby, you will start noticing the difference in your day.

Have a great week.

Peter Johnson – The Time Retriever


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