What Is The Definition of Time?

The best definition of time that I have found is, “Time is a series of events one after another”. Think about it, everyday of your life is just a constant series of events, each one following the other. You can’t manage time, you can only manage the events that you do. The way to use your time wisely, is to ensure that the events/activities you do, are the ones that relate to the things that are important to you, in your life.

Peoples lives were full of events well before man invented the measurement of time. The thing to remember is, you need to know what events you need to do, before planning the time to do them.

So, you have to start with, “what is important to me” and you do that by determining “Why” you do what you do, create your clear “Vision” of what you want to achieve and then set your goals based on your vision and create the plan of actions required, to achieve your goals. These action plans contain the activities that are most important to you, for you to achieve the things you want to achieve.

The next steps are where the clock starts to come into play. You take the activities from your action plan and then set your weekly and daily plans around doing these important activities.

The biggest problem is, irrespective of whether you have a prioritised list of activities or not, most people will put off the important activities that need to be done by rationalising with, I will get this done and then do those 2 quick things to get them out of the road and then I will have the time left to do that important thing. The problem is, other things keep popping up and by the end of the day, week and month, the important things are not done, you keep putting them off, and you are now in panic mode.

IMPORTANT THINGS MUST GET DONE FIRST, irrespective of how long they will take, or how hard they are to do, or whether you like doing them or not. Doing them first will relax you and clear your head. The other items will then fall into place quickly. If you put them off, as you continue doing things throughout your day, in the back of your mind, you will be saying to yourself, “I still have to do that”, and as you work through your day, half of your focus is on the thing you haven’t done, because you put of doing it, and you will be only half focused on what you are doing. You will feel weighed down by knowing you still have to do that thing you put off and will be less productive during the day.

Creating your action plan and then using your time management skills to plan them into your week and your day, is the easy bit. The hardest parts are finding the time to get them done each day amongst all of the interruptions and distractions in your day. That requires a complete set of skills that no one teaches you.

I will continue to produce these articles and videos, as they will provide you with the information on the knowledge and skills you need to develop to start reducing the interruptions and distractions, so you can get everything on your daily list done and have time left over for other things..

But, just remember, if you don’t have an action plan for what you want to achieve, the likely hood of you achieving it, is very little.

3 great resources for this are, my book “The Time Retriever”, Brain Tracy’s book “Eat That Frog” and Stephen Covey’s video “Do the Big Rocks First”  

Have a great week.

Peter Johnson – The Time Retriever



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