How many times do you get interrupted by your employee’s each day?

If your answer is to many times, it is time for you to start treating your employee’s like dogs.

You see, when we have a dog, we don’t put up with them being uncontrollable and miss behaved, we put a lot of effort into training them on what we want them to do and how we want them to behave. We also make them stick to it. We also may train them on how to do special tricks etc.

Your employee’s are no different, the bigger the effort you put in to train, develop, tool and resource your employee’s, the bigger the results you get. You will also have less interruptions in your day, as your employee’s will be better skilled and empowered to get on and do their job.

Over the years, I found that most performance issues in the workplace are related to a lack of knowledge and/or skill. There may be some occasions where the poor performance is deliberate, but that only happens on very few occasions.

It is important to be very clear on what each individual is required to do in their role. Not just the primary activities, it can include training how you expect their work area to be kept, how they communicate with other employee’s and customers, things like the security system etc, etc. Anything you require them to do, make sure they know and understand how to do it.

I have heard plenty of business owners say, they should already know how to do it, or I don’t have the time to train them, you even hear them say, if I train them, they will then leave and start up in opposition to me or join an opposition company.

This is poor management and the business owners who use these excuses, are also the ones who complain about not having enough time in their day to get things done.

There is a saying I learnt several years ago, “I am better off with a team of trained and highly skilled employees who get their job done, of which some may leave, rather than a team of untrained people who work poorly and never leave”.

When your team are trained well on what they are required to do, they are generally happier, more motivated and loyal in their role.

One of the secrets to better time management is training your employee’s, so they can get on with their job, reducing the amount of interruptions in your day.

Have a great week

Peter Johnson – The Time Retriever

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