When I went from supervising 17 team members, to managing over 100 team members, my days fell apart. With all of the constant interruptions and distractions, stopping me from getting the things on my list done.

I did a time management course, and I found that it taught me what I was already doing. I didn’t learn anything about stopping interruptions, distractions or to stop my-self putting things off.

I have done several time management courses since, and I continually review ones I see advertised. They haven’t changed, they teach you how to create your vision, set your goals, and develop plans on how you will achieve your goals. Then you learn how to plan your weeks and plan your day. They finish with some learning on how to stop procrastinating.

The reality is, these are all very important skills that we need to learn if we are to get our time management under control.

But it is only 10% of the whole process of taking back control of your day.


Why is it only 10%?

Because when you arrive at work the next day, you are all fired up, about how you will work your plan for the week, and you have your to-do list for today, all prioritised and ready to go.

You know that you must do number one on the list first, but then say, it’s going to take too long to do, so I will do these other quick things first and then have time to do it.

Meanwhile, your phone rings, a customer with a problem, you decide you have to go and do it, because the team don’t seem to get it right. Another team member pops their head in the door, boss, I need to talk with you right now about holidays.

The phone rings again, the bookkeeper says, that they have a client on the phone who is upset about their invoice and wants to talk with you now! A text message comes through, boss I am sick and can’t come into work today. That means you now have to immediately organise someone else to do the job that they were booked on this morning.

Does this sound familiar?


Before you know it, it is 5.30pm and you look at your to-do list, only a few minor things are done, you have been flat out all day, are tired, but can’t remember half the things you did. And, In the back of your mind, you are saying, I still have to do those important things.

And this happens day after day.

Why does this happen? You just did a time management course.

It is because the other 90% of skills you need to take back control of your day, were not taught in the course you did. It set you up for failure, by teaching you the planning part of time management. It didn’t teach you the personal or people management/leadership skills you need to get your day under control.

To get your day under control and manage your time well, you need to develop your personal skills, on how to stop your self from putting things off to later, how to know what distracts you, how to manage your day to reduce the effect of those distractions and how to communicate effectively with each person you speak with during the day, to enable you to get your message across the first time.

You also need to develop your people management/leadership skills of growing and developing your team, understanding how to market your business in todays environment, (this doesn’t mean you do the marketing. However, you must understand how it should be done, to ensure you can recruit the right people to do it), know how to recruit quality people, knowing how to create a sustainable business. These and other skills, help you to start reducing the amount of time you lose in your day through interruptions from your team and the people around you.

It is important, to develop skills of working with your team, customers and others, to reduce their impact on your day. Leaving you to focus on the important things you need to do to further grow and develop your business.

When my days fell apart, I had to search for courses to teach me how to take back control. It took several years of training and development, but I got better and better with everything I learned

I went back and reviewed all of the training I did over the years, and I identified the skills that had the greatest impact on my time management abilities. I then created what I believe is the most comprehensive time management course available today, covering all of the skills mentioned in this article and more. The Ultimate Time Management Program.

It is available as a self-paced online training program, which is available to anyone in the world, all you need is internet access. You can also combine the online program with a group coaching program or 1 to 1 program if that is what suits you best.

I have developed the program in two streams;

The Ultimate Time Management Program For Business Owners

The Ultimate Time Management Program For Childcare Centre, Owners, Directors and Managers


To find out more, simply click on the above links, or drop us a line and we will be in touch.

Have a great week.


Peter Johnson – The Time Retriever


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