Are You On The Time Management Round-About?

Do you find that you struggle to get important things done each day, question your time management skills, then go and do a time management course and find that you still struggle to get things done? And then you do another time management course, but still struggle to get things done?


This is a discussion I had with a business owner recently.

Owner:  This planning and To Do List stuff is rubbish. It doesn’t matter how much I plan and prepare a To Do List for each day, I can’t get any of the stuff I plan to do done. I have done a few time management courses and it just doesn’t work.

Me:  How do you plan your day?

Owner:  I look at what happened today, what I got done, what I didn’t get done, what I need to do tomorrow, and then I work out what appointments I have, and what things I need to get done. I then prioritise my list.

Me:  So is it your planning and to do list that’s the problem?

Owner:  What do you mean?

Me:  Well, you appear to be putting together a good plan for your day and develop a To Do List that is well prioritised, so why is it you can’t get the things done?

Owner:  I can’t get to the things on the list!

Me:  Why not?

Owner:  Because everything else happens, I get phone calls coming in, I get constant interruptions from my staff, and I just get distracted by other things ad on and on.

Me:  Do you ever think that maybe you are good at the planning, but maybe there are other key time management skills you need to develop to enable you to get those important things done?

Owner:  What, like, don’t procrastinate and get the number 1 thing done first that everyone teaches? (said sarcastically)

Me:  They help, but there are several other key skills that no one teaches.

Owner:  What skills?

Me:  Skills like, being able to stop putting things off, to reduce the things that continually distract you and skills that enable you to reduce the amount of times your staff and others keep coming to you with questions and problems all of the time.

Actually you are probably already aware of some of these skills, but don’t understand how they relate to you being able to manage your time.


The conversation went on for some time as he wanted to know more about these skills and how to learn them. He has since started our online Time Management Program For Business Owners”.


Are You On The Time Management Round-About?

It is something I see quite regularly, business owners and managers, planning their day and not being able to get things done, so they go back to the beginning and try to learn more about time management. They keep going round and round in circles, trying to fix their time management problems.

The problem is, (as I found) all time management courses teach you the same thing, how to set your goals, how to plan how to achieve them and then how to plan your week and your day. They may also do some work on procrastination.

The problem is, they don’t teach you how make the time available to get the things on your to do list done.

What I showed this business owner, is that our “Time Management For Business Owners Program” (we also have  purposely designed one for Childcare Centre Owners, Directors and Managers) consists of three courses;

Part 1 – Planning & Time Management (what everyone teaches only with my tilt on it)

Part 2 – Personal Time Management Skills (what the others don’t know)

Part 3 – People Management & Leadership Skills (what the others also don’t know)

In each of these courses, I help you develop skills in several areas of personal discipline, communication, people management and leadership, that people seemed to be totally un-aware of how they greatly impact on your ability to manage your time and to get those important things that you struggle to do, done.

Many years ago I was on the time management round-about. Although I had good basic time management skills, I hit a point when they did not serve me well. All of a sudden I couldn’t get things done. I did several time management courses, but found they taught what I already new and was doing.

Over the years following, I did many more business and management courses and became better at managing my time. When I started coaching, I noticed that most of the business owners I was meeting, had the same time management issues.

Thats when I went back through all of the skills development I had done, and I identified the key skills that had a direct impact on my being able to take back control of my day and manage my time well. I have created my coaching programs around these skills and now have the programs available as online courses, supported with weekly live webinar sessions.

If you would like to see yourself getting of the time management round-about, visit https://www.timeretrievers.com.au/complete-online-programs/  to find out more on these programs.


Have a great week,

Peter Johnson – The Time Retriever  –  www.timeretrievers.com.au


Peter is an experienced business coach who has been working with over 258 businesses and childcare centres, and thousands of people in his workshops and speaking engagements.

He found that the biggest issue for business owners, is their inability to take control of their day and get those important things done.

He has helped business owners create successful businesses, through first developing their time management skills and then using these skills, plus many others, to grow and develop the critical areas of their businesses.

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