How often do you hear your employees say “Thank God it’s Monday”? Not too often, I bet.

We spend most of our lives at work, so why not make it a place where people look forward to coming… especially Monday!

When you provide an environment that encourages, promotes and nurtures a “friendly, warm and caring work place”, business and life will become more pleasant for everyone, the end result being that productivity, morale and your bottom line will improve. I guarantee it.

Begin by asking your team what they would appreciate (their wish list) to enhance their work environment. You’ll be surprised how little they really want.

Investment (you notice I say investment, not cost) for example, in a new microwave oven, better quality coffee, unlimited Minties or crispy apples, a water cooler or a celebration when the company has met budget – these are the sorts of things I am talking about… all petty cash items for most organisations.

For example, I know one organisation in Wagga Wagga arranged to give its staff a professional shoulder and neck massage at their workstation. Each month the masseur visited to deliver a guilt free relaxing massage in work time!

But beware, once the excitement dies down from the introduction of this kind of positive change, there will be the inevitable conscious and unconscious attempts to sabotage it. This could be through distraction, busyness, resistance, boredom, forgetfulness or cynicism. There‘s always a pull to go back to the old ways. Successfully maintaining a positive workplace is what sets your business and your people apart from the rest.

We are all “social animals” who perform best when we feel we are being appreciated and enjoy the people we work with. Everyone wins!” But remember you will need to put in some energy to make sure the change sticks.

If your financial controller tells you he hasn’t budgeted for it or the company can’t afford it, ask him if he’s budgeted for a 10% decrease in productivity when people call in sick or decide to move on to a company where they do support their people. Attrition is a fact of life, but turnover is preventable!

Have a great week… and make sure you buy an extra treat for the financial controller!