Have you ever noticed that people you know or see that are successful seem to have a lot of time to do things?

The main reason for this, is that when they want to achieve something, they will create a plan which will comprise smaller milestones and specific activities aimed at achieving each of those milestones and in the end, their ultimate goal

You will also find that they take time to plan their activities for each week and plan each day before it starts. They will create a list of things they intend to do and ensure that the most important items are completed. On most occasions, you will find that these most important activities are the ones that are aimed at achieving their goal and they will make sure they are done first.

They stay focused on their goal and their plan to achieve it. They don’t chop and change what they are doing every couple of weeks or every month. They commit to their goal and plan and stick with it.

Here is a list of incredibly successful people. See if you can pick what they have in common.

  • Bill Gates – Has had Microsoft since he and partners started it in the mid-seventies.
  • Steve Jobs – Started Apple with Steve Wozniak mid-seventies, forced out 1985 returned 1997 and was with the company until shortly prior to his death.
  • Warren Buffet – Berkshire Hathaway, is one of the wealthiest men on the planet has been involved in the stock market since 1951.
  • Lindsay Fox – Linfox Group – Started Linfox in 1956, still Chairman of Linfox.
  • Lang Hancock – Began mining in 1934, was in mining until his death in 1992.
  • Rupert Murdoch – Newscorp – Starting working on student newspaper whilst at Geelong Grammar, joined family business after his father’s death and is still the CEO of Newscorp and 21st Century Fox.
  • Frank Lowy – Westfield Group – Frank and Partner started the company in 1953, Frank is still the Chairman of Westfield.
  • Mark Zuckerberg – Founded Facebook in 2004 at university, still the Chairman & CEO of Facebook.

All of these people have been incredibly successful, did you notice one of the key things they all have in common? They have stuck at the one thing and stayed focused on making it very successful. Each one of them plan what they intend to achieve and stick with it through the hard times and the good times. they also have good time management skills.

Personally I have friends and know of people who have been very successful, again, one of the things I notice about each one is that they have stayed with the one business/industry all of the time. They also only focus on one business at a time. The people I see that try to focus on more than one business at a time or chop and change the type of business they are in, generally do not create a high level of success and more often than not, struggle to make it all work.

Some people are natural planners, but most of us have to work at being good planners and stayers. If you really want to achieve something, you need to plan and stick with it

Successful people do not say to themselves, I need to find the time to plan whatever they want to do, they just simply sit down and get on with the planning at the point they decide to do it.

If you find yourself saying “I need to find the time to do something” stop there and then, get your paper out and set your targets, determine your activities and plan when and where you will action those activities. Then plan those activities into your week and your day. You will start to find that you get more done in less time.

The best solution is to find a Time Management Program that focuses on developing your skills in the following areas,

  1. Planning
  2. Time Management
  3. Self-discipline
  4. People Management Skills.

There are specific skills in each of these 4 areas that you will need to learn and develop over time, to ensure you can have full control of your day and become very successful.

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Have a great week,

Peter Johnson
The Time Retriever