“Extraordinary people don’t do extraordinary things; they do ordinary things extraordinarily well”

I have spent some time researching who first made this statement to credit them, but have had no success.

Over the past years I have constantly repeated this quote to clients and audiences everywhere.  Working with business owners has shown me that nearly everyone is running around attending workshops, seminars, reading books, watching videos and searching the internet etc looking for that brilliant new idea that is going to make them successful.

The only formula for success has been around for centuries, “Plan and Focus on the activities that you need to do each day that will lead to you achieving your goals”

Success come from great marketing, people have to know you are there. Marketing is about knowing who you are, what you do, who you’re “A Grade” client is, what their needs are, where they get together en-masse, how do I get to them and how do I present my message to them that gets noticed.

From this you build your plan of action activities that is designed to achieve your goals.

The problem is, most people set a plan, work the plan for a week or two and then change to something else, or they wander in and out of their plan doing things in an adhoc manner. They don’t stick to their plan and therefore, it doesn’t work. Or they don’t have a plan in the first place.

The real success comes from the day to day actioning of these activities. If your plan says, you are going to contact 5 new prospects per day, each day of the week over this quarter, that is what you do. Make sure you contact 5 prospects each day. If you plan to send out 20 pieces of marketing material each week and then follow them up with a phone call 5 days later over the quarter, then that is what you do.

It is these ordinary but simple things done on a constant basis that will create your success.

Have a great week,