Over the years, one thing I have noticed (and been guilty of) with small business owners, is the constant chopping and changing of their marketing or business strategy literally from week to week. Every time a new idea comes up, they want to implement it and stop what they are already doing “for this new, great idea”

The magic to success in business, is to find something that works and keep doing it.

We see it all the time, a business owner develops a new marketing strategy, starts implementing it, 2 weeks later they talk to their friends, attend an event or come up with a new idea and want to implement it NOW. The other strategies are dropped and the new one is implemented, until the next couple of weeks when it happens again. A never ending cycle.  In the mean time, they are months down the track and their business performance has not changed. Still struggling for income.

You have to give strategies time to work, set your plan for implementing the strategy and then stick to it for 3 months at least. If any new ideas come up, put them on your list of ideas that can then be review at the end of the 3 month program. Give it time to work.

Every idea is generally a great idea, but it will only be great, if you give it time to work. You think that if you don’t implement this new idea, you will miss out. But, If you stick with the strategy you are currently working on, you will give yourself a greater chance of success rather than chopping and changing. It only takes one fully implemented idea to be successful. A multitude of half implemented ideas lead to failure.

Have a great week,