Do you find yourself waking up all hours of the morning thinking of things you need to do the next day? And then when you finally get out of bed, you are still tired and when you go to write down the things that kept you awake all morning, you can’t remember them?

That’s your brain, it’s in alarm mode trying to keep a track of everything that needs to be done the next day.

So, to stop this, all you need to do is plan your day the night before, if you’ve got your plan prepared on paper before you go to bed, When you are asleep in the early hours of the morning, your brain subconscious is now working on how to actually do those items, and not keeping you awake.

So, visit the Time Retrievers website and register to get your copy of the Time Retriever Daily Planning checklist, that can help you go through the process of planning your day and also help you sleep easy.

And remember, as the late great philosopher Jim Rohn  said “Never start your day until it is finished”, “Never start your day until it is finished”

Have a great week,
Peter Johnson The Time Retriever