Practice Makes Perfect!


Is that right? 


I want to tell you a story in relation to practice makes perfect. 

When I was the national service manager for Remington in Papua New Guinea, my spare parts manager’s name was Gibson, he was a PNG National, whom had been placed in the spare parts management role and following some training, was starting to become very competent at his role.

One day, I walked out of my office and just across from me, Gibson was at a workbench and was on the telephone talking to someone. Actually, he wasn’t talking, HE WAS YELLING DOWN THE PHONE AT THEM, really giving them a good tongue lashing. He finished up the call by giving them his last few words and them SLAMMED down the phone.

I stood there astounded, and immediately asked, Gibson, who was that, that you were talking to?

With a big smile on his face, Gibson’s reply was;

No one boss, I was just practicing! I want to get it right!

When I composed my self, I said to him, I never, want to hear you talk to anyone like that again, and in fact, I want you to do exactly the opposite. Stay, cool, calm and collected, irrespective what the situation is.

He was practicing, yes! But it was totally the wrong thing that he was practicing and wanting to make perfect.

The saying “Practice Makes Perfect” is not quite right, because, if what you are practicing is being done incorrectly, you are making the wrong thing perfect.

Whenever you are looking to learn something new, and practice it, so you can get it right, always ensure that what you are practicing, is being practiced correctly/perfectly.

So, as Vince Lombardi said, the saying must be, “Perfect Practice, Makes Perfect!”. When you practice the right thing, you will then be able to do the right thing, perfectly.

A part of good time management skills, is always, practicing what you do, just make sure you focus on “Perfect Practice, Makes Perfect!”.

If you would like to find more, just drop me a line, and I will get back to you.

Peter Johnson – The Time Retriever.

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