90% of your marketing dollars, go down the toilet!!

What is marketing??

Marketing is communicating with your clients and prospective clients in a manner that builds their desire to a level that compels them to actually contact you to find out more about, or buy your product.

Very few small business owners take the time to properly plan a marketing strategy for their business. In fact, for most businesses, 90% of their money and time is wasted on so called marketing. Why, because when they think about marketing, they put an advertisement in the paper, someone says you should be on facebook so they go on facebook, they arrange a website and may send out thousands of flyers. Only to end up with no calls. Does this sound like you?

Marketing needs to be planned using the following steps;

  1. Understand what you do best and what is unique about your business?
  2. Who your current “A Grade” customers are? What are their characteristics?
  3. What are the needs/wants/issues of your “A Grade” customers?
  4. What is your solution to solve their needs/wants/issues?
  5. Where do your “A Grade” customers get together en-masse?
  6. How will I get my message to them?
  7. What will my message be? What will make them call me?
  8. How will I handle their enquiries?
  9. What is my sales process?

Your marketing needs to be planned in two streams,

  1. To your current customer base, increasing their return rate and the amount of dollars they spend with you. It is six times cheaper to market to your own customer base.
  2. Marketing for new business, this should have two streams as well;
    1. Broad base marketing
    2. Targeted marketing

Another key to successful marketing is having a plan of how many marketing avenues you have that are designed to target your prospects. You need multiple avenues that point to your target, they could be, networking, website, referrals, direct marketing, blogs, facebook, advertising, telephone, fax or many more different strategies. Your marketing program needs to use 10 of these avenues in a planned sequence that has your prospect seeing you from different directions on a continuous basis without being annoying.

You need to go through the steps above before you even think about taking action, if you go through these steps properly; you can plan what your 10 avenues of attack are. There’s no point jumping on facebook or advertising or if your prospects don’t use facebook or read the products you advertise in.  Don’t just go with what someone tells you, do the research and plan, you will get a better result.

Yes I can hear you saying I don’t have time to do all this planning, it’s the fact that you don’t plan is why you “don’t have the time”

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