Are you a start-up or small business owner trying to get your business of the ground?

Maybe you have been in business for a while and are having issues in your business.

The Time Retriever has launched their new “Live Online Group Business Coaching” program for small business owners. The Time Retriever has been coaching business owners for over 8 years and 6 years ago introduced face to face ongoing group business coaching for business owners who were looking for affordable coaching that did not break the bank.

The new Live Online Group Business Coaching program covers all the key facets of growing and building a profitable business;

  1. Planning
  2. Time Management
  3. Marketing
  4. Sales
  5. Recruiting Quality Team Members
  6. Leadership
  7. Creating a Sustainable Business
  8. Investing Your Profits

The new coaching program utilises The Time Retriever Academy.com e-Learning system to help you learn and build your skills in the 5 key areas of growing your business;

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Sales Conversion
  3. More Transactions with your current customers
  4. Higher Prices
  5. More Profits

We emphasize the word “Live” as this is not a recorded program that you can download and watch or listen to. True coaching is about being accountable for taking action. In each session, you will be interacting with your coach, creating your action plan and being held accountable for taking action.

This new Live Online Group Business Coaching program is the most comprehensive and affordable business coaching program available today.

To find out more, visit the “Live Online Group Business Coaching” webpage now and also register for the next “Live Online Group Business Coaching – Free Introduction Webinar” today.

Have a great week,

Peter Johnson
The Time Retriever

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