I’ve been told by some people that they do not like ‘selling’, that they are uncomfortable with the process. Some people tell me that they hate salespeople and that they don’t trust them and furthermore they believe good sales people are greedy and self-centered.

My response is along the following:

  1. Everyone ‘sells’ something – even employees sell. They sell their time, they sell themselves at a job interview, they sell their talents to the bosses, and they sell their particular needs – even down to selling the need they have for a raise, a promotion or even a new PC for their work station.
  2. We start ‘selling’ at a very young age – the first cry was a ‘sales pitch’. It stated our arrival, our need for attention, our need for food and our need for comfort. The best sellers as babies got the most attention, the most food and the most comfort.
  3. All during our subsequent development we have been constantly ‘selling’ ourselves to teachers, to our peers, to friends, to the opposite sex, to would be employers, etc.

Everyone sells; some are good at it while others have still yet to master the techniques. But we all have one thing in common – we survived our most important ‘selling years’ to be where we are today. If you don’t think you can sell, then think again. If you want to improve your ‘sales’ skills then get the knowledge you need and practice, practice, practice.

How you think is everything. For example – where are the obvious places to look for new prospects for the products and services we sell. Make a list and go ask your associates to do the same thing. Now compare lists. Hello – exactly the same. Surprise – surprise!

Now make another list. Make a list of all the un-obvious places you can go to find qualified prospects. Remember this is an un-obvious list and it requires a new and different Mindset. It isn’t easy but it is effective. It isn’t quick but it can be profitable for you. But first, you have to remove the shackles on your conventional thinking.

You’ll get what you expect – so always expect the best to happen to you. Always be positive and expect the best. Only one person has the keys to your thoughts – you. Put a lid on all negative thinking. If it’s negative it’s usually related to a past experience. There are three houses you can choose to live in; past, present, and future. You can toss away the keys to the past and future houses. You can’t live there so there’s no reason for you to spend any time thinking about them.

Put all your energy in the house called “Present or Today.” When you wake up in the morning and don’t see your name in the obituary column, consider yourself lucky and do everything to make today a “Masterpiece.”

If you want anything to be better, including your sales, it always starts with your Mindset. Expect things to get better and they will. If you expect them to get worse – they will and you won’t be disappointed. Here’s the choice. You can expect the best or the worst but you can only choose one.

But don’t get me wrong, this isn’t about thinking – it’s about doing!

Have a great week,