Do you feel that at the end of the working day you’re left wondering where your day went and what you achieved for the day, week or month?

That’s how many people feel. You know you’ll have to do something drastic sooner or later. The best option is sooner and you should ask yourself – is it worth the time to learn about time management? Am I the one making more trouble and stress for myself? The answer will inevitably be yes!

Before you start to learn new techniques to manage your time, you need to learn what you are doing wrong. Look at the time you spend on various tasks, what your daily workload consists of, and what your outcomes are. This is a great learning curve! You will find that you probably spend too much time on tasks because you are not organized. Your workload will therefore increase daily and you will just be plodding along instead of having a set outcome for the day.

Formulate a list of things you should be doing to help yourself get out of this hole. Here’s a suggested list

– Write down a list of what you want to achieve for the day or week. If you don’t know what your destination is, how can you expect to get there? This is a quick reality check that will give you some direction.

  • Prioritise – Keep and use a “Things to do list”. Use this list to tackle the high priority tasks first and to work on the low priority tasks as time allows.
  • Self Discipline – Stayed focused on the most important priorities and great results began to follow from your time and effort.
  • Analyse – Review and assess which activities work well and then correct or eliminate the ones that don’t. Also, look for systems you could automate. Systems such as auto-responding e-mails to save time.

Also you should consider reading “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey where he urges us to make a distinction between efficiency and effectiveness. Efficiency is doing things right compared to effectiveness that is doing the right things.

Decide now that your time is valuable. Every minute, you are trading a tiny piece of your life in to complete a task….continually ask yourself whether the trade is worth it!

Have a great week,