For most business owners, the issue of not having enough time is created because they believe they have to do everything. This in turn, means they are always running around in circles chasing their tail from day to day.

If you find that you are flat out doing THINGS and never seem to have enough time to do everything, you need sit down and take some time to do the following;

  1. List all of the activities you do.
  2. Prioritise them starting with 1 being the most important task you do through to the highest number being the least important task you do.
  3. Pick the highest numbered item. (the least important task)
  4. Identify whether it should be eliminated or done by a team member or outsourced. (contractor, virtual assistant, bookkeeper etc)
  5. Document how the activity is done. (creating a procedure)
  6. Select who will be doing the activity from now on.
  7. Train them on how to carry out the activity using the Tell, Show, Do method of training.
    1. Tell them what to do.
    2. Show them how to do it.
    3. Get them to do it until they are proficient at the activity.
  8. Once this process is completed, you will need to determine how you will be advised on the completion and outcome of the activity on a regular basis. (Inspect what you Expect)
  9. Now someone else is doing this activity and not you.

At the completion of this process, you pick the next highest number on the list and do the same process. Over time you will be able to eliminate all but the most important tasks that you need to carry out

I know, I can hear the argument now, “I don’t have time to do it” but quite simply; this is a simple process that will work if you are prepared to put in a little effort to make it happen. Over time, you will get your time back.

If you are prepared to have a go at it, you WILL get the result.

Have a great week,
Peter Johnson