In this day and age it seems our lives are run by our mobile phones and other devices, making it hard to get our time management under control. I quite regularly hear people saying, “my phone drives me crazy, it rings all the time and if I don’t answer it, I just end up with a heap of messages that I have to follow up on, which just takes more time. And it’s a struggle getting things done because of the constant interruptions”

The first thing I say is “well done” because getting your phone to ring constantly with customers and potential customers ringing you, is what a lot of people can’t make happen. They have the opposite problem.

Now, let’s start to get some control of your phone.

Answering your phone isn’t the only job you have to do in your day, there are no doubt other activities you are responsible for and objectives you need to achieve, requiring you to have good time management skills.

Set your plan for how you are going to handle your phone, based on what you have planned for your day. When there are activities that you need to focus on and get completed, plan to have your phone on silent and let it go to message bank, or divert it to a support person or virtual assistant who can answer it and act on what the call requires.

Then you focus on the activity that you have to do, for the allocated time until it is finished, or you reach the point that you planned to stop at. Place your phone somewhere where you can’t see it, you need to focus on the activity not the phone.

 If you let the call go to message bank, at the end of your activity, you can then check for any messages, and respond as required. If you divert it to a support person or virtual assistant, hopefully they are able to answer an enquiry or take an action that was required, relieving you of having to do everything.

The key here is that you focus on the activity and complete it and not let the phone interrupt you whilst you are doing it. That is how you will get your time management under control and get things done.

Letting a call go to message bank is simple, however, diverting it to someone else to answer can be a challenge. Most people will say, but no one else can look after the call, I will have to follow up it up anyway etc, etc.

The only way to get your time back, is for you to start taking control of what you do each day. One very important skill for getting control of your day, is the skill of delegating work. Even if you are a one man business, you still need to find ways to get things done without you doing it.

Having a support person or virtual assistant help you is key to creating success, initially, they may not be able to do a lot, but over time and with training from you, they will be able to help you monitor your phone calls and take whatever action is necessary as a result of the call. Resulting in you having more time to generate the income.

This will feel uncomfortable at first, but over time as your support person or virtual assistant becomes more knowledgeable on what you do and how you handle things, you will see great results.

Being able to find the time in your day to get everything you planned to do done, does not happen over night, however if you take the time and effort to discover how to do it and then build and implement those skills, you will get massive results, enabling you to do twice as much in your day and still have time to do the things you love to do.

Have a great week

Peter Johnson
The Time Retriever