Are you focused on the money you need to make in your business?


Are you focused on the results your product or service provides?

In Bob Proctors book “You Were Born Rich”, one of Bob’s statements is,

“Love people, use money”

The problem is, in business, especially when we are starting out or struggling; we love the money and use the people. Rubbish I hear you say, well think about it, when starting out or struggling, you do the work or sell the product based on getting the money to pay your bills etc. Your main focus is on the stress of getting money and paying bills. We all go through it.

Now, in your business, you have to market what you do or sell, it doesn’t matter how good you are or how good your product is, your marketing of your product or service has to be even better. Otherwise no one will know about you.

One of your key marketing strategies needs to be Focus on the customer not the money, when you focus on providing a great product or service and making your customer as happy as possible, the money will come in, because they will refer you to others. Referrals, the most cost effective marketing there is.

If your plan is that at the moment I need to focus on getting the money to survive and then when I have the money, I will be able to put more focus on the customer, change it now. If you stick with this focus you will stay in the same position for ever.

Read the first chapter of “You Were Born Rich” available in PDF or from adelena lestari http://www.adelenalestari.lifesuccessconsultants.com/  learn about money & you.

Then adopt the philosophy   “Love People, Use Money”

Start focusing on providing the best experience possible for your customers and have them help you build your business and generate the income from referrals.

Have a great week,
Peter Johnson – The Time Retriever