You have seen this before;

You are driving on a road, a vehicle with signage pulls up next to you, filthy dirty, dented, blowing smoke and the bumper bar hanging off.

What did you think?

  • Poor quality company!
  • I wouldn’t use that companies services because they don’t appear to have pride in what they do!
  • Is that how they will leave my home or office looking when they have finished their work?

So what do your company vehicles look like?

Your motor vehicle is, on a lot of occasions the first people will see of your business. This means your vehicle should be clean and in good running condition, so when people see it, their first impression is of a business that provides quality and shows pride in what they do.


Go out to your motor vehicle, look at it and ask yourself the question, does this vehicle reflect a good image of my business?

Have a great week,