Have you ever had to have that important discussion with an employee that you really dread?

It may be about their performance; it could be that you need to terminate their position with your company.

The critical thing is, when the decision is made that this meeting has to take place, it should happen immediately.

We were having a discussion in one of our groups recently, and one of our clients mentioned that the only two accidents that, car accidents that he has ever had, was on 2 occasions when he was procrastinating over terminating 2 employees positions. He wasn’t focused fully on what he was doing when driving the car, because half your focus is on the decision that you are procrastinating on, and that resulted in accidents.

If it needs to be done, it needs to be done immediately, both parties are far better off, and it reduces the stress levels on both parties. It enables you to get focused on the important things you need to do to take your business forward as well.

So, if you have to have that important discussion with one of your employees, then do it immediately.

Have a great week,