Developing Yourself


We all have something we are trying to achieve in the short or long term.

The reality is, for us to achieve something new, we need to increase our knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve it, otherwise we would have already achieved it.

It takes time to achieve our goals, the difference between whether we achieve something between now and say five years time, is that, God willing, we will arrive at a point in time, in five years. Whether we are still in the same situation we are now, or whether we have grown to a new level and achieved some of the things we want to achieve, will totally depend on what we read, watch or listen to, that is aimed at increasing our knowledge and skills on what we want to achieve

Plenty of people say, I did enough reading at school, that finished when I left school.

When you research people that have high levels of success in their life, there is a very common trait, they read a lot, they watch and listen to material that helps them gain a wide range of awareness and knowledge in areas that interest them, and then plan, turn the knowledge into a skill and take the actions needed to achieve their goals.

Always read, watch or listen to the whole book or program. Don’t use these new brief overview style apps and books. They will just give you someone else’s view of what they read. When you read, watch or listen to the whole story, you will get a truer understanding of what the author is putting forward.

With so many different tools available to use today, there is no excuse to not being able to take some time to develop yourself. I personally prefer a physical book, it still seems to be the best way to retain the information. But unfortunately, due to so many injuries to my hands, I struggle to hold books open, so I use my iPad for reading books now, and for watching and listening to many video and podcast materials.

Reading, watching and listening are extremely important to your success. Even if you read just 15 minutes per day, over time, you will notice that you are moving towards the things you want to achieve.

Don’t just take my word for it, start doing it today and in a year’s time, take notice of what has changed in your life.

Have a great week.

Peter Johnson – The Time Retriever