When speaking at events and talking with business owners and sales reps, one item that always comes up is dealing with sales objections. They are always frustrated that after putting in all the effort to demonstrate, quote and sell their product or service, they always get stuck at the objections.

At this point, I will ask, how many objections do you get?  Are there any common objections?

As we go through this process, they discover that there is generally 3 common objections that come up frequently. Mostly, Price, I need to think about it or I can’t afford it, etc.

Once they identify these 3 common objections, I suggest that they really should not be hard to deal with because if they are so common, they should have the answer already. All they need to do is spend some time developing their answers to those common objections.


  1. Take the time to determine your common objections.
  2. Write them down.
  3. One at a time, identify how you can resolve each objection, there may be multiple ways (you might want to have someone help you with ideas)
  4. Prepare a script to use when your prospect uses the objection.
  5. Practice using it until it becomes natural.

After a while you will find your sales will increase, because those objections are now easy to deal with and are no longer stumbling blocks to getting the sale.

Have a great week,