You want more customers ……but what are you doing with the ones you have?

Much of the expense of marketing a business lies in capturing the attention of people you’ve never dealt with, drawing them to your business and then convincing them to make their first purchase.

It doesn’t make sense to keep doing this complicated process exclusively to new prospects when there is a pool of people who are waiting to buy again – if you’d just ask!

More than half your work is already done because your existing clients don’t have to guess what your product or service is like and, if they have been satisfied, they’ll be open to buying from you again.

This is like learning how to through a boomerang, once you know how to do it properly, it keeps coming back to you.

The first thing to do is ensure you know who they are, once you have that, then the options are unlimited. At this time of year a simple Happy Easter card will put you ahead of most of your competitors and increase the likelihood of them telling their friends.

Keeping in touch between purchases means you sit at the top of their mind when they, or their friends, are looking to buy. Simple newsletters, flyers promoting monthly specials or even birthday cards can be sent out on a regular basis. How often depends on your industry, but a simple rule to follow is that if you haven’t made contact within 90 days, …..they’re no longer your customer.

Perhaps you’ve always had a sale and put an ad in the newspaper hoping that your clients will notice. What about posting a special invitation to a customer only sale – provide some drinks and nibbles with some real bargains – your clients feel rewarded and you make sales.

Whatever your strategy you stand to make a better return on your marketing investment because the message gets to exactly the right people.

Take notice of your existing clients, reap the rewards of targeted marketing, and beat your real competitor – clients who have no loyalty because you don’t ask them to come back.

“One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.” – Jim Rohn

Have a great week,