When it comes to recruiting employees, the majority of small business owners are hopeless. When they need to employ someone they;

  • Rush in, place a poorly worded add in recruiting sites, newspapers etc.
  • Quickly race through the interviewing process, asking questions that don’t get any information on the applicant’s true abilities.
  • Spend the next 3 months complaining about the person until they eventually let them go and start the process again.

Why does this happen? Because recruiting good quality employee’s requires specific skills that most business owners have never taken the time to learn.

Slow the process down – Even though you need the position filled quickly, it is important to get the right person for the long-term rather than anyone, who you then need to replace in a month or two’s time.

Follow the proper recruiting process– Go and learn how to go about recruiting an employee properly. It doesn’t take that long to learn and the benefits to your business will be enormous.

Interview questions – The interview is the critical part of the process, asking questions that are worded in a manner that requires the applicant to provide you with actual past experiences will give you an indication of the applicant’s true suitability for the role.

Don’t outsource your recruiting to recruitment companies, the team building process starts at the recruiting stage and the better you know the role, the better you can select the right person for the role. You’re not just sourcing a person to fill a hole and then get paid for doing so.

Recruiting is a skill that very few business owners have been trained in, take the time to get yourself trained and make the task of recruiting quality people for your business a lot easier.

Have a great week,