This is an old proverb that the true source of where it came from is difficult to establish.

 But how does it relate to you and your organisation?

Well in todays world, the saying “The Fish Rot’s From The Head Down” is used as an analogy for a business that is running poorly. It is saying that the problems with the business start at the top, with the leader of the business. 

It is suggesting that if, as the leader of your business, you are seeing that the business is running poorly, the staff have the wrong attitude etc, then you need to look within yourself to start finding the problem and the solution.

When a business is running poorly, it is very rare that the problem can be resolved from the employee’s up, it is the leader of the business who needs to be able to recognise the problem and instigate the changes needed to change the results of the business.

You need to step back and take a look at your business; are there any problems you can see? There may be problems in small areas, or the whole business. They will generally be noticed in the attitudes of some team members or all off them.

If you do see issues, take some time to determine what their cause is, this cause may even be the way you treat or communicate with your team, if it is, you will need to change the way you manage your team.

You may even seek support from an external source to help you solve the issues.

I recall when I took over managing a service team of around 50 members, the previous manager had managed by fear and the team didn’t have the confidence to make key decisions and were resentful of management. It took over 18 months to regain the teams respect in management and to have them develop the confidence to make decisions within their areas of expertise.

Good people managers/leaders are prepared to recognise their errors and change their ways. Poor managers/leaders cover up their errors in their ways and blame their team.

Good managers/leaders have less team issues and more time to get their stuff done.

If you need to find out more on how your leadership of your team affects your time management skills, just message me.

Have a great week. 

Peter Johnson – The Time Retriever

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