Carol and I were doing well with our business, but our growth had plateaued and we have a philosophy with our business that we must “Change or Die”. We also knew that we wanted to somehow work smarter and have some more time to ourselves as we put in very long working days.We had not thought of a business coach until Peter approached us with a promotion of Time Retrievers. The concept of having our coaching sessions in a small group appealed ass it was such a small monthly financial investment and with that in mind we committed to a 6 month duration to “test it out”. It is now over a year since we started. Peter has given us many tools and ideas to help us grow our business in a multitude of ways. From support and strategies in employing and training staff, sales , marketing and prioritising jobs.

We never leave a session without acknowledging that it has been of value. Setting goals and reviewing constantly these goals and the means of accomplishing them is the key to achieving them. Accountability to report our progress to Peer keeps us on track. And it is not just time spent at the monthly meeting as Peter will give his time to spend with our staff ourselves on specific topics when required. We have now stepped back from working IN our business to only 2 ½ days per week (rather than the 4 days we had been) This has given us time to work together to make those changes in our business to keep us growing. Over the last 12 months our businesses have grown over 20% and we won a Franchise Council of Australia Business Award. We still have a multitude of plans to continue to improve and grow and I’m sure Peter will be giving us some of the tools to help us achieve them. Sandra Rotunno And Carol Boswell Very few can say they had a hand written Testimonial.. Here are the photo’s of the beautiful letter we received from Sandra and Carol.

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