We constantly learn that to be highly productive, you need to set clear goals and have a plan of action on how to achieve those goals. You then need to plan your week and your day, with a clearly defined and prioritised to do list.

Whilst this process is absolutely vital to being highly productive, the biggest problem is, actually getting the things on your list done, and more importantly, how do I get the important things done first?

One of the biggest problems is, putting things off to later. (Procrastination) We have several excuses for procrastinating, we don’t like doing it, it’s going to take too long, it’s difficult, it’s a difficult conversation, etc, etc.

Another reason people put things off, is when they say to themselves, if I start now, I will just get interrupted by everyone and it won’t get finished, so I will do it later.

Interruptions and distractions can be a big destroyer of your days plans.

So why does all of this happen?

It’s is because, we are not aware of, nor do we have the complete range of time management skills needed for you to be able to get things done.

Did you know that there are 13 Hidden Skills of time management that are never included in time management courses? These skills are the ones that make the difference between getting things done, or, finishing your day with just a few minor tasks completed and frustrated at not being able to get the things you really needed to do, done.

These skills cover, your self discipline, how you communicate with your team and how you manage your business and lead and develop your team.

For just $49.00, you can access my Ultimate Time Management Course. This is a comprehensive 3 part course that will help you learn and develop all of the skills you require to start creating high levels of success in what you do.

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Peter Johnson – The Time Retriever

Peter is an experienced business coach who has been working with over 172 businesses and childcare centres, and thousands of people in his workshops and speaking engagements.

He found that the biggest issue for business owners, is their inability to take control of their day and to stop putting things off to later because of distractions and interruptions, resulting in their failing to get those important things done when they planned.

He has helped business owners create successful businesses, through first developing their time management skills and then using these skills, plus many others, to grow and develop the critical areas of their businesses.