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Hi, I’m Peter Johnson, creator of the Ultimate Time Management Course For Business Owners. I help business owners to stop putting things off to later and reduce the amount of distractions and interruptions in their day, so they can take back control without feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Thank you so much for requesting the The Interruption Busting Tool, that will be arriving in your inbox in 15 minutes. In it, you will discover how to start eliminating those frustrating interruptions and distractions, helping you to feel in control and get those important things done.

Now, would you like to work less hours, without constant interruptions, so that you can get more done in less time?

See, if you’re struggling to get on top of things and dealing with constant stress, the truth is that this can be a FATAL problem for your centre, health & relationships.

It means that you will always be behind in your plans and you will end up working longer hours trying to catch-up.

And I know exactly how you feel, because I had this problem years ago, when I went from supervising a team of 13, to managing a team of just over 100 people. I went from always being in control, to my days falling apart. I did a time management workshop, but all it did was teach me what I already knew and did. This is when I discovered that there was obviously more to time management than just planning and having a to do list. This lead me to years of ongoing skills development, from which, I have now identified the key true components of time management that have enabled me to always be in control of my day even when managing teams of up to 200 people and have a successful career.

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The Online Ultimate Time Management Course For Business Owners, is a series 3 courses that will help you develop skills in the areas of planning & time management, eliminating procrastination and reducing distractions and interruptions in your day. It is also supported by a weekly, live, Ask The Time Retriever webinar, where you can have your questions answered.

This course is normally offered for $299.00, however today, because you are here now taking action, you can access The Online Ultimate Time Management Course For Business Owners for the one-time only price of $97.00

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