Are You Struggling To Keep Up With The Marketing Of Your Childcare Centre?

Find out how The Time Retriever can take away the pressure of marketing your centre with our “Done For You Marketing Program” for Childcare Centres.

“It’s not just the time, it’s the learning of the different platforms and systems and trying to make them work together and constantly needing to be up to date with them all”.

I know I don’t have to tell you about the stress and pressures of the day to day management of a childcare centre. And, on top of those pressures, there is also a requirement to keep the centre full of enroled children to ensure the centres viability.

At The Time Retriever, we have been working with childcare centres over the past 6 years, helping centre owners and directors develop their business and marketing skills. As we looked back over this time, we realised that coaching centre owners and directors on the development and implementation of strategic marketing program and strategies and continuing the marketing with ongoing consistency, is not really the best way forward for the centre. We have also had several centre owners and directors ask if we can simply do the marketing for them.

The answer is YES. The Time Retriever is now offering a “Done For You” Marketing program for childcare centres.

The marketing program has two stages:

Stage One – Is where we will set up the core of your marketing. In this stage we will review your current marketing, we will determine and create specific messaging about your centre and how it meets and exceeds the needs of families within your catchment area. We then set up your website to reflect this specific messaging and build a social media evergreen marketing program.

When this core is in place, we then look to develop other avenues of marketing as required. Avenues such as enhancing word of mouthmarketing, advertising in various media, partnership marketing with local organisations, businesses etc.

Stage Two – Is the Ongoing marketing. In this stage we are focused on delivering a consistent marketing program using the website, social media and any other avenue of marketing that has been set up, to deliver a constant supply of enquiries for enrolements to the centre.

Regular reviews are carried out, where adjustments to the marketing are decided and marketing avenues are remove or added as required.

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