Childcare Educator Time Management Workshop

The role of a childcare educator can be quite hectic, there are lot of activities that need to be managed and completed in each room on a day to day basis. Being able to plan and control your day is paramount to providing high quality childcare and education.

EducatorThis purposefully designed and relevant Time Management Workshop for Childcare Educators, is designed to help them understand why they struggle to get a lot of those important things done. It provides them with specific methodologies and processes to make getting things done easier. They will also learn how to reduce procrastination in their day.

The workshop also provides them with key people skills that enable then to have a better understanding of the team members they work with, the parents and children and how to identify and communicate with them based on their primary learning and behavioural styles.  The key here is, the better you can communicate and manage the people around you, the less interruptions you will have and the more time you gain back for yourself, to get those important things done.

We will also focus on why they struggle to get all of their activities completed each day, providing them with some fast to implement methods of getting those important things done.

The Childcare Educator session was designed as a request from centre owners and directors, as they found the time management courses they have been to previously, were not relevant to the educators who work in the room with the children.

We will teach them how to Stop Being A Zoo Keeper!

The session covers the 4 Inescapable Components of Controlling Your Day;

  1. MonkeysPlanning
  2. Time Management
  3. Self Discipline
  4. People Management Skills

In this workshop, educators will learn;

  1. The 3 Key Road Blocks in their day.
  2. How to create a workable plan for their day.
  3. How to make the best use of their weekly child story writing & planning hours
  4. How to avoid Procrastination
  5. Significantly reduce Interruptions and Distractions in their day.
  6. How to ensure other people do not impact on their daily plan.

Frog-4We identify the items that the team members struggle to get done, we show them why this happens and how to rectify it. We look at why we procrastinate and keep putting off things that need to be done.

We will also teach them how to Eat That Frog!

During the workshop, Peter uses the feedback from individuals working environment, to help them build new time management skills.

This is a face to face session providing participants with an fun and very useful break from the standard childcare training programs, whilst at the same time giving them some very practical and useable knowledge and skills.

The workshop is available in two formats;
  1. An in-house 3hr workshop with the investment being $595.00 inc GST per centre, plus materials and travel if required.
  2. A new, condensed, online webinar session, with the investment being $350.00 inc GST per centre.

To find out more about this program, contact The Time Retriever on Ph. 1300 794 401  or by email: success@timeretrievers.com.au

Part Of The Ultimate Productivity Coaching Program

The Childcare Educator Time Management Workshop, is a part of our Ultimate Productivity Coaching Program

To find out more about our Ultimate Productivity Coaching Programs, simply send an email to peter@timeretrievers.com.au and we will contact you to provide the information.

Feedback from Childcare Centre Directors.

The best PD training session we have done. 

Savita – St Albans Wilston ELC

We have sent our team members to time management courses in the past and they weren’t really relevant. This workshop is totally relevant to the educators and gives them practical things to implement immediately. Very engaging and entertaining. 

Marcia – Fairfield Nursery School

Thank you for your fantastic presentation on Saturday, I think everyone got a lot out of it.  There has been two people on Programming time this morning and they are very motivated and were very organised, I even saw the hand come up by one.  

Hilary – Everton Park Childcare Centre

Thanks again it was really good, I think it opened up my staffs minds a bit. I have a Directors meeting today I am going to recommend you to everyone.

Tracey – Community Kids Victoria Point

Just wanted to say “thank you” for the training you delivered to us on Tuesday at Crittenden Road.  I have had fantastic feedback from all the Directors on how much they enjoyed it and how they will implement what they have learnt from you.

– Carolyn – Think Childcare Group

I have never seen my team so engaged in a PD session as they were tonight.

Sandra Hasted – Lady Ramsay ELC 

Thank you Peter, we loved the in-service and everyone left feeling really positive.  

Sarah Cooper – Pioneer Road ELC