Are You A Childcare Centre Owner/Director Who finds that the Time Between 8.00am and 5.30pm Disappears In what Seems To Be Minutes?


Find out how you can take back control of your day, get all of those important things done and still have time left over to do the things you love to do.


At The Time Retriever, we have been working with childcare centres for over 6 years now, and specialise in working with centre owners, directors, managers and educators in developing their time management skills, enabling them to have more control over their days. From his own personal experiences gained from managing teams from 2 to over 200 and from the knowledge and experience gained through working with childcare centre owners, directors and educators, Peter Johnson – The Time Retriever, has developed part 1 of a 3 Part, self paced online Time Management Coaching Program for childcare centre owners, directors and managers. In the coaching program, you will learn to reduce the effect that poor planning, procrastination, distractions and interruptions have on your day.

Peter will take through the 4 Inescapable Components of Getting Control Of Your Day.

 1. Planning

2. Time Management

3. Self Discipline

4. People Management/Leadership Skills

Without the knowledge and development of key skills in each of the inescapable components, you will find it almost impossible to get your day under control and get those important things done and have time left over to do the things you enjoy doing.

Can you imagine what it will be like when you; 

    ✓  Are able to have have a clear plan of action for your quarter, weeks and days, knowing that you have a greater chance of being able to complete that plan with less stress and tension in your life…
    ✓  Know that you can take control of what you need to do and not put them off to later.
    ✓  Know that you can take more control of those constant distractions and focus on getting what you need to do, done.
    ✓  Have the knowledge and skills to start reducing interruptions in your day and start getting time back for you.
    ✓  Develop some very important leadership skills that will enable you to manage and communicate even better with your team in a way that will reduce their reliance on you.
    ✓  Hold your team and yourself more accountable for completing those important things on time.


Being able to get your time management under control, requires more than good planning and a To Do List, you need to develop some very important leadership and management skills to make it happen. By working with Peter, you will be able to tap into his broad range of knowledge, experience and skills in team and business management, to enable you to get your time back under control.




Childcare Centre Owner Coaching ‘Case Study’


When we first met Dora in August 2015, she had recognised that the way she was currently running the centres could not be continued. Dora was working long hours virtually 7 days a week trying to keep up with all of the activities required to run the centres. There was little family time and she had noticed that her health was suffering as well. Read More….



How Do I Register?

Simply click on this link and you will be taken to our online training centre, where you can register for the program.

The Time Management Coaching Program for Childcare Centre Owners, Directors & Managers


The Time Retriever – Providing time management coaching to childcare centres Australia wide.


“I have been working with Peter for over 5 years, he has helped me immensely at a time that my business has grown and my role in the organization has significantly evolved. Peter’s guidance and support has allowed for my evolution from a hands on centre director, to be able to encourage the growth and development of my management team to take on those responsibilities. This has significantly reduced the amount of time I need to be working in the business and allowed more time for me to pursue other areas of interest and to spend time with my young family.”    Paul Mondo: Bimbi Day Care