Childcare Centres Time Management and Team Development Program

The Childcare Centre Time Management & Team Development Program, is a series of long courses and mini courses that enable childcare centre owners to provide time management, leadership and general skills development training to their team members.
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A powerful series of short and long training courses, that enable you and your team to develop your business and day to day work skills.

In this program, Time Retrievers have developed a series of long course training programs in time management for childcare centre owners, directors, managers, senior team members and educators.

We have also developed a series of mini courses, that childcare centres will be able to use in their team meetings and professional development days, to assist with the development of time management, leadership and general day to day skills of their team members.

There is also a series of mini courses, to assist the centre owners, directors and managers in the marketing of the centre.

These mini courses are in continual development, with new courses added on a weekly basis.

They are available as an on going monthly subscription program, to enable centres to have constant access to the material for their team 365 days of the year, at affordable pricing.

Designed Specifically For Your Team Meetings & Professional Development Days And As Required Training

These mini courses are specifically designed for your team meetings or professional development days. The time for each course varies from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. Enabling you to provide a continual process of improving the non direct childcare related skills of your team.

Each course has a course leaders run sheet, course worksheets and other material where required, that can be downloaded and printed for each attendee.

The time management and leadership skills can be access by team members whom you believe their careers will benefit from the development of these skills.

Through paying a low monthly subscription fee, you and your team will always have access to the courses and to the new courses as they are added each week.

Team Time Management, Leadership, Personal Skills & Marketing Skills Development, Available 365 Days A Year For Just $10.96 Per Week

The Program Is Made Up Of 5 Sections In 4 Categories

1. The Ultimate Time Management Program For Childcare Centre Owners, Directors and Managers.

This is a comprehensive self paced, online, time management training course, for centre owners, directors, managers and other team members, who are looking to develop awesome time management skills. There is no other time management program like this in the world.


2. Childcare Educator Time Management Program. (under development)

This time management training course, is being specifically developed for the educators working in the room with the children. We are currently, converting our 3 hour face to face workshop, into an online workshop.


3. Leadership SkillsTime Retrievers - Frre Weekly Coaching Sessions

This category, is a series of mini courses on people management and leadership skills, that is being developed, to be used in team meetings, professional development days and individual skills development.


4. Team Development Series

This category, is a series of mini courses on team members general skills. It covers a wide array of very important skills, based around team members general attitude and motivation towards their job, their employer and the people they work with.

These mini courses are designed to be used in team meetings, professional development days and individual skills development.


5. Childcare Centre Marketing (under development)

This category, takes childcare centre owners, directors and managers through a series of mini courses aimed at helping them to first understand what is required to successfully market a childcare centre in todays competitive environment. It purpose is to assist the centres leadership team to decide on whether to market the centre themselves, or outsource the marketing.

If the decision is to outsource the marketing, the mini courses will provide them with the knowledge on how to source and manage the outsourcing process.

If the decision is to market the centre themselves, the mini courses will take them through the steps of carrying out this marketing.


Key Benefits Of The Program

  • A higher skilled team
  • A more motivated team
  • Affordable
  • One low fixed monthly fee
  • Use in team meetings
  • Use on Professional Development days
  • Use ad hoc, as and when required
  • Available at the time you need it
  • New courses added weekly
  • Available 365 days a year
  • Access to the live weekly “Ask The Time Retriever Coaching Session”
  • Access to the very comprehensive Ultimate Time Management Program
  • Backed and supported by a highly skilled personal and business productivity coach
  • Enabling you to develop a team and childcare centre that is highly regarded and sort after in your community.

Course Categories

Team Development     Mini Courses

Leadership Development Mini Courses

Time Management Courses

Childcare Centre Marketing

Sample Course Preview

New Courses Added Each Week At No Extra Cost.

Please notify us of any particular courses you would like to see developed.

“I have been working with Peter for over 5 years, he has helped me immensely at a time that my business has grown and my role in the organization has significantly evolved. Peter’s guidance and support has allowed for my evolution from a hands-on centre director, to be able to encourage the growth and development of my management team to take on those responsibilities.

This has significantly reduced the amount of time I need to be working in the business and allowed more time for me to pursue other areas of interest and to spend time with my young family. Peter continues to help me drive improvement and efficiencies with my management team which has a positive impact on them and the operation of the services. I can’t thank Peter enough for his impact on both me personally and my business”.

Paul Mondo

Approved Provider, Bimbi Daycare & Early Learning

Bonus Services

Ebook “The Time Retriever”

A step by step guide on how to set your goals and how to achieve them and how to start reducing procrastination, Distractions and interruptions in your day.

$24.95 value

Live – Ask The Time Retriever Coaching Session


You will be able to join the live “Ask The Time Retriever” web coaching sessions held weekly, on Tuesday mornings.

You will also be able to contact The Time Retriever for support as you work through the course,


$5,997.00 value

Facebook Group Community Discussions

Join our FaceBook group and be in touch with like minded centre owners and directors, helping to support each other.

Amazing Value!


$47.50 For The First Month Then $87.50 per month.

Start Reducing The Cost Of Your Teams Development Today!

The Childcare Centre Time Management & Team Development Program helps you provide quality training in key leadership, general, time management and marketing skills development for just $11.53 for the first 4 weeks trial, then $20.19 per week. Enabling you to provide training in your regular meetings, to all of your team members at a significantly lower cost and have access 365 days a year, for individual training as and when required.

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