Discover The 13 Hidden Skills Of Time Management

Let's Get Some Control In Your Day

(Start Reducing Interruptions)

Twice As Much Done & Time Left Over

(Enjoy Some Extra Spare Time)

Do You Ever Have A Plan For Your Day, And All Of A Sudden, It’s 5.30pm And You Have Got Nothing Done?

You can have all of the goals, plans, desires and skills to make your business and lifestyle highly successful. But if you don’t have the skills to stop yourself from putting things off to later, and reduce those constant distractions and interruptions in your day, all of your goals, planning and desire, are a waste of time.
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The Time Retriever, led by Peter Johnson, is a community and set of tools and resources for business owners and childcare centre owners, and their teams, who are looking to make their life a little bit easier and to run a business that is highly successful or a childcare centre, that exceeds the required standards, resulting in providing an extremely high level of childcare and education for their community.

Grab Your FREE Copy of The Time Retriever Book

Why Business Owners Struggle With Time Management And How To Overcome The Problem.

The Time Retriever Philosophy is

There are 4 key areas that you need skills in to ensure you get your day under control and get things done.

 We call them the “4 Inescapable Components Of Getting Your Day Under Control” and they include the “13 Hidden Skills Of Time Management”.



1. Planning

Creating a vision of what you intend to achieve, setting the goals and creating the action plans to achieve them.


2. Time Management

Using your action plan to plan your week and your day, to ensure you get things done and achieve success.


3. Self Discipline

The ability to control procrastination and distractions in your day and stay focused on the important tasks. Along with knowing the key communication styles required to get your message across the first time, and to work effectively with the people around you.

4. People Management/ Leadership

Reducing those painful and consistent interruptions in your day, through building and developing a team of people around you, that enable your centre/business to run with far less day to day input from you. 

True Time Management Skills Cannot Be Learnt In 1 or 2 Day’s

If you ever wondered why, after doing a time management course, you still could not get the things on your To-Do-List done?

It is because you had only learned around 10% of the skills required to get your day under control, planning and time management. The other 90% of getting your day under control is in the 13 hidden skills of self discipline and people management/leadership, that will enable you to stop putting things off and start reducing the interruptions and distractions, that are currently making your day a struggle.

Would you like to find out more about these 13 hidden skills? I invite you to attend our “I Get “busy” Doing The Wrong Things, Because I am Avoiding Doing The Hard/Important Things!” webinar.

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