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The Time Retriever Time Management Coaching Program will create a dramatic improvement in your ability to create results in your life and business, Imagine what you could achieve over the next 12 months when you have the ability to focus on doing the important things that you have planned, targeting and achieving specific goals in your life or business by applying proven strategies that you can implement within minutes of learning them.


Living a life of your dreams is possible, irrespective of what results you have achieved so far, or what your skill level or expertise is.

So, if you have had enough of the frustration experienced from not being able to find the time to get those important things done, read closely;

Are you sick of saying?

“There’s not enough Hours in the day”

“I Procrastinate way too much”

“My day is full of Distractions

 Over the past 8 years of coaching over 120 small to medium sized businesses, I have seen small business owners extremely frustrated at not being able to find the time to get everything done, they set goals and action plans and have a lot of enthusiasm for working with their plans, only to see it fall in a heap when you get to the office and everything else happens.

No doubt, you have worked long and hard at achieving your goals, but are frustrated and disillusioned at this whole process of trying to create success through the goal setting and action plan process. Every time you try to implement your plan, everything else gets in the way.

You see, it’s not just a matter of setting your goals and creating the activities needed to be done to achieve them, it is about understanding what happens in you and to you on a day to day basis, clearly understanding why you procrastinate and what your distractions are and implementing the strategies needed to eliminate these two enormous killers of your time, enabling you to become the person that is able to focus on and achieve your goals.

With our Time Management Coaching program, using tried and proven techniques, strategies, templates and process, we will personally work with you through the process of clearly identifying your goals, the actions you need to take to achieve them and to crash through those blockages that prevent you from being able to work on your most important tasks, resulting in you, living the life you want to live.

This is not an overnight success program, one of the key areas we will be working on is your habits and patterns, and we will help you create new habits and patterns that will enable you to create success.


The Coaching program

Time Management IntensiveThe Time Retrievers Time Management coaching program is a Coaching program with a difference, unlike other time management programs, you don’t just attend a one or two day workshop and then get left to your own devices to make the big changes that are needed to get you on the track to success.

The Time Retriever program provides you with 12 months of ongoing Time Management coaching aimed at helping you to change your habits and patterns to ensure you are able to get those important things done, that will ensure you grow your business.



“Successful people don’t have time and then plan, they have time because they plan”

Part One:  The Time Management Intensive – 1 Day Workshop

1. Setting your Goals & Creating your Action Plan
The only way to get control of your time, is to start with a plan. In our program, you will work with our methods and templates, enabling you to set your goals for the next 12 months and create an action plan aimed at achieving them. This action plan focuses on the next 3 months and determines what actions you will take on a weekly basis. You will then use our weekly and daily planning methods to plan when these actions will be carried out and using the Time Retrievers techniques, you will learn how to open up time in your day to work on these activities.

2. Time Management
The coaching has a heavy focus on time management. After years of experience in coaching business owners and seeing that the main area they struggle to achieve their goals, is in actually getting the time to do focused work on the things that they have determined are important to moving their business forward.

In this section, you will learn how to;
a.    Plan your week before it starts, ensuring you are in control of what is happening.
b.    Plan your day to ensure you make the most effective use of every minute of that day. Whether for business or personal purposes.

3. Stop Procrastination
Procrastination is one of the two biggest killers of time management. In our program you will learn why you procrastinate and how to reduce procrastination on a day to day basis.

4. Eliminate Distractions
Distractions are the second killer of time management. Learning how to identify what distracts you the most and creating a plan of action on how to eliminate each distraction, will gain hours back in your day.


Part Two:   12 Monthly Time Management Group Coaching Sessions

5. Monthly Time Management Accountability Sessions
After attending our Time Management Workshop, you will attend our monthly coaching sessions where your coach will help you stay focused on implementing your new time management skills.  

6. Time Management Hints & Tips
Throughout the program, you will be constantly receiving time management hints and tips.


As a part of the coaching program, you will receive educational material, books, video or audio material which will enable you to continually develop your business knowledge and motivation.

At the end of the 12 month coaching program, you will have the option of continuing your membership of the coaching group, enabling you to continue building your knowledge and skills, and creating greater success in your business and your life.


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