Child Care Centres

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In today’s environment, running a childcare care centre can be quite challenging. Trying to provide a high quality of childcare in a warm and inviting family environment, looking after the children, supporting the families, supporting your team members, maintaining a high quality centre and meeting all legislated compliance requirements is quite a handful.

On top of that, you need to ensure your centre is at its capacity, to make it commercially viable and rewarding for you the owner. Even a not for profit centre has to be run profitably to ensure its long term viability.

At The Time Retriever, we have been working with childcare centres in 3 key areas;

1. Getting Control of Your Day
The day to day work load of a centre owner or director can be very hectic and hindered by constant distractions, interruptions and procrastination. Getting the important things done is quite difficult, because you always seemed to be putting out little fires everywhere.
Our time management coaching program has a key emphasis on training you on how to significantly reduce these 3 road blocks, procrastination, interruptions and distractions. Helping you to change poor lifelong time management habits into habits that will see you gain hours back in your day. Time Management Intensive Workshop

2. Educators Time Management Workshop
There are a lot of specific activities childcare educators have to carry out on a daily basis when working in a centre. Getting these activities completed can be quite a task in itself.
At The Time Retriever, we have worked in conjunction with childcare centres to develop a 3 hour Time Management Workshop for Educators. In this workshop, educators learn when and how to plan and prioritise the activities of their day, how to avoid procrastination and how to significantly reduce the impact of interruptions and distractions in their day. Resulting in them having the time to complete their scheduled activities. Childcare Educators Workshop

3. Childcare Centre “Done For You” Marketing Program
This program was developed in response to centre owners and directors finding it a struggle to keep up with the requirements of marketing their centres in todays competitive environment. Please click on this link, to find out more about the “Done For You” Marketing program.


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Time Retriever Book

Time Retriever Book

Are you frustrated with doing what everyone says, planning your day, creating and prioritising your To Do List, but find you can never get it done because you put things off, or are constantly distracted and interrupted during your day?