Business Owners Would You Like More Time And Money For Your Family, Holidays And  Hobbies?

Is Growing Your Business A struggle For You?

Most business owners struggle to get time away from their business to spend some quality time with their family and to find the time to spend on their sports and hobbies, let alone, have the money to be able to go on regular holidays each year.

You know, the constant struggle to find enough customers just to pay the bills and keep things running, until you finally reach the level of success you are aiming at.

But, for other business owners, the problem is dealing with the success of their business. They are so busy, they don’t have time to leave the business and spend time with their family and on their hobbies and holidays.

The same problems exist, whether your business is struggling and when it finally has consistent success.

The reason for this is, as you know, it takes many different hats (skills) to run a business, and very rarely does a business owner start their business with all of these skills. We go through the minefield of learning as we grow our skills in business.

One of the big issues is, being able to get things done. You can arrive at the office each day, with a clear list of things you want to do, but actually getting them done is the struggle. As your day gets under way, you start putting things off because they will take some time to do, they are difficult, or you don’t like doing them.

We reason with, “I will get these easier things done and then do those important ones as I will have time”. Then you get distracted by things and people keep interrupting you, you are very busy and all of a sudden, it’s 5.30pm and you have gotten very little of the things you really wanted to do done. And, can barley remember what you have done.

This can all change for you. All you need to do is develop some simple skills of getting control of your day and very quickly you will have the time you need to do those important things and start to see the growth in your business.

At The Time Retriever, our Time and Business Development Coaching Program, will take you through the 7 key areas that you will need to develop skills in to grow your business and turn it into a business that can run without you.

Those 7 key areas are;

  1. Planning – The ability to plan what you would like your business to achieve.
  2. Time Management – The skills to take your business plan and create success.
  3. Marketing – Learning the skill of creating the right message for your target audience, getting it in front     of them and coaxing them to take action.
  4. Sales – Turning those marketing leads into regular customers.
  5. Recruiting Quality People – Taking the pressure of you by recruiting quality people. 
  6. Leadership – Start to find more time in your day, by learning how to lead your team.
  7. Creating A Sustainable Business – Turning your business, into one that needs less of your time, for        it to run successfully.

Through this program, for the equivalent of the price of a cup of coffee a day, we have seen our clients grow their businesses 3, 4, 5, times and even greater and spending more time and money on their family, holidays and hobbies.

Want to find out more? Simply fill out your details in the form to the right and we will send you our weekly time tip videos, a copy of our Daily Planning Check-list Tool and information on our Time and Business Development Coaching Program.

Don’t wait, the sooner you take action, the sooner you will see results.

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